15 Ideas: 3 on Top 2 on Sides Fade

Discover how to rock a “3 on top, 2 on sides” fade with these fun and fresh styling ideas.

Ready for a fresh twist on the classic “3 on top, 2 on sides fade”? You’re in for a treat, my friend.

I’ve scoured the depths of style secrets to bring you sparkling new ideas for this timeless look.

Let’s shake things up with inventive angles you’ve never considered. Trust me, your barber will think you’re a trendsetting genius!

Textured Crop Top

textured crop top

The Textured Crop Top style adds a modern twist to a classic look, giving volume and dimension to shorter hair. It’s a versatile choice that works well for different hair types and face shapes.

Hard Part Razor Fade

hard part razor fade

A Hard Part Razor Fade adds a sharp and defined line to a stylish fade haircut. It creates a modern and edgy look for those who want a clean, polished hairstyle.

Curly Top With Skin Fade

curly top with skin fade

A Curly Top with Skin Fade creates a striking contrast and adds texture to curly hair. The skin fade enhances the curls, giving a clean and modern look.

Pompadour Fade

pompadour fade

The Pompadour Fade combines a vintage pompadour hairstyle with a modern fade for a trendy look that stands out. It features a sleek, voluminous top paired with short faded sides for a stylish contrast.

Buzz Cut With Fade

buzz cut with fade

The Buzz Cut with Fade combines the simplicity of a short, uniform length on top with a gradual fade on the sides for a clean and sharp look. This hairstyle offers a low-maintenance yet stylish option for those looking for a modern twist on a classic cut.

Spiky Texture Fade

spiky texture fade

The idea of Spiky Texture Fade involves creating a playful and textured look on the top with a smooth fade on the sides. This style adds depth and dimension to the hair, giving it a modern and trendy appearance.

Faux Hawk Fade

faux hawk fade

The Faux Hawk Fade is a stylish twist on the traditional mohawk, blending boldness with sophistication. It creates a modern look that combines edgy and refined elements seamlessly.

Side-Swept Quiff

side swept quiff

The Side-Swept Quiff adds a touch of sophistication to a fade haircut, offering a stylish and versatile look for those seeking a polished appearance. It involves styling the hair to a side-swept position, creating a flattering and modern aesthetic that complements the fade on the sides.

Slick Back Fade

slick back fade

The Slick Back Fade combines a polished look with a modern twist, perfect for those wanting a refined style with an edgy vibe. This hairstyle features sleek, swept-back hair on top that seamlessly transitions into a faded finish on the sides and back, creating a clean and sharp appearance.

Flat Top Fade

flat top fade

A Flat Top Fade offers a bold and structured look that combines length on top with closely shaved sides, creating a clean and modern style. This haircut is perfect for those looking to make a statement with sharp lines and a striking silhouette.

Undercut With Fade

undercut with fade

The Undercut with Fade adds a modern twist to a classic look, blending a sharp contrast for a bold style statement. It combines the edginess of an undercut with the seamless transition of a fade for a fresh and stylish appearance.

Mohawk With Burst Fade

mohawk with burst fade

The Mohawk with Burst Fade creates a bold and edgy look by combining a classic Mohawk style with a modern burst fade technique. This hairstyle adds a unique twist to the traditional Mohawk, making a statement with a sharp and tapered fade.

Afro Fade

afro fade

The Afro Fade is a stylish and modern hairstyle that combines the classic Afro with a sharp fade on the sides. It adds a contemporary twist to a traditional look, providing a fresh and edgy appearance.

Fringe Forward Fade

fringe forward fade

The Fringe Forward Fade brings a modern twist to the classic fringe haircut by seamlessly blending short sides and longer hair in the front, creating a stylish and edgy look. This haircut is perfect for those looking to add a touch of flair and sophistication to their style while keeping it versatile and easy to maintain.

Disconnected Fade

disconnected fade

The Disconnected Fade adds a modern twist to traditional haircuts by creating a sharp contrast between longer hair on top and shaved sides. This style allows for versatility in styling while maintaining a clean, edgy look.

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