15 Bad Buzz Cut Fixes: Smart Ideas to Salvage Your Haircut

Discover why certain buzz cut styles might not be the most flattering choice for your next haircut adventure.

Zigzag Pattern Buzz

zigzag pattern buzz

The Zigzag Pattern Buzz transforms your typical shave into a walking piece of art, striking yet prone to becoming an awkward statement if not done with precision.

Patchy Buzz Cut

patchy buzz cut

A patchy buzz cut features uneven areas where the hair is noticeably thinner or entirely missing, giving a rugged and inconsistent appearance.

Asymmetrical Buzz

asymmetrical buzz

The asymmetrical buzz boldly defies symmetry, often resulting in one side longer than the other, which can be a risky statement if not executed flawlessly.

Polka Dot Buzz

polka dot buzz

The Polka Dot Buzz often results from uneven guard use, leaving scattered, bare spots reminiscent of a dalmatian’s coat.

Racing Stripe Buzz

racing stripe buzz

The Racing Stripe Buzz features a single shorn line reminiscent of a car’s racing stripe – a bold statement that can backfire if not executed with precision.

Checkerboard Buzz

checkerboard buzz

The Checkerboard Buzz features alternating squares of hair and scalp, mimicking the classic game board but leading often to a clumsy, overdone look rather than a crisp, intentional style.

Random Bald Spots Buzz

random bald spots buzz

A scattershot approach to clipping can leave haphazard patches of varying lengths, giving the scalp the appearance of a leopard’s coat minus the charm.

Multi-Level Buzz

multi level buzz

A multi-level buzz is characterized by uneven lengths across the scalp, creating a choppy and disconcerting landscape.

Fading Buzz-Out

fading buzz out

A Fading Buzz-Out suffers from uneven gradients, creating a jarring transition that can turn a smooth fade into a choppy mess.

Swirl Design Buzz

swirl design buzz

The Swirl Design Buzz turns your scalp into a canvas, where spirals snake across the head in what can only be described as a hair-raising fashion statement.

Crooked Hairline Buzz

crooked hairline buzz

A crooked hairline buzz leaves you with a jagged edge that detracts from a neat, uniform look.

Two-Tone Buzz

two tone buzz

A two-tone buzz can be a playful twist on traditional styles, but a stark contrast between shades or sloppy dye lines could scream mistake instead of modern.

Incomplete Buzz

incomplete buzz

An incomplete buzz leaves you with a head-turning look as if the hairdresser got called away mid-cut, resulting in an uneven, unfinished style.

Misaligned Buzz

misaligned buzz

A misaligned buzz features uneven sides or back, giving an off-kilter look that can hastily draw criticism or laughs.

Buzz With Off-Center Part

buzz with off center part

A buzz with an off-center part gives the illusion of displaced symmetry, throwing a classic buzz into unconventional territory.

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