15 Bleached Buzz Cut Inspirations to Refresh Your Look

Discover a variety of bleached buzz cut styles that can transform your look with a bold and modern twist.

Pastel Tinted Buzz – Add Soft Pink or Lavender Tones to the Bleached Buzz

pastel tinted buzz add soft pink or lavender tones to the bleached buzz

Adding pastel pink or lavender hues infuses your bleached buzz cut with a whimsical touch that softens the edginess of the style.

Platinum Blonde – Get a Crisp, Icy Shade of White

platinum blonde get a crisp icy shade of white

Platinum blonde takes the buzz cut to new levels of boldness, exuding confidence with its strikingly pale, almost metallic sheen.

Silver Streaks – Introduce Hints of Metallic Silver

silver streaks introduce hints of metallic silver

Weave in shimmering silver threads to give your bleached buzz cut a futuristic twist.

Neon Edge – Experiment With Vivid Neon Highlights

neon edge experiment with vivid neon highlights

Flaunt a daring twist on the classic buzz by accentuating the bleached canvas with electric streaks of neon for an audacious pop of color.

Faded Roots – Maintain Darker Roots Fading Into the Bleached Buzz

faded roots maintain darker roots fading into the bleached buzz

Embrace a natural transition by keeping your roots dark; this contrast gives your buzz cut depth and eases the maintenance of bleached hair.

Patterned Scalp – Etch Designs Into the Buzzed Sides

patterned scalp etch designs into the buzzed sides

Intricate patterns shaved into the sides give an artsy flair to edgy buzz cuts, transforming your scalp into a canvas for personal expression.

Contrast Stripe – Buzz a Single, Colored Stripe Through the Hair

contrast stripe buzz a single colored stripe through the hair

A solitary vivid stripe cuts through the bleached terrain, offering a striking contrast and injecting a dash of daring into the minimalist buzz.

Salt and Pepper – Blend Gray Shades Into the Bleach for a Mature Look

salt and pepper blend gray shades into the bleach for a mature look

Adding gray tones to your bleached buzz infuses a sophisticated touch that exudes a seasoned charm.

Sun-kissed Tips – Add a Golden Touch to the Tips for a Subtle Glow

sun kissed tips add a golden touch to the tips for a subtle glow

For an understated shimmer, grace the tips of your bleached buzz with a hint of golden dye, mimicking the natural radiance of sunlit hair.

Rainbow Dots – Dab Small, Multicolored Spots Across the Buzz Cut

rainbow dots dab small multicolored spots across the buzz cut

Rainbow Dots transform your bleached buzz into a playful canvas, sprinkling a fun, carnival vibe atop your head with tiny, vivid bursts of color.

Bleached Mosaic – Create Geometrical Color-blocked Patterns

bleached mosaic create geometrical color blocked patterns

Transform your buzz cut into a walking piece of art with a Bleached Mosaic, where sharp, angular sections of color bring a modern twist to your look.

Sapphire Glow – Incorporate a Wash of Blue for a Cool Tone Effect

sapphire glow incorporate a wash of blue for a cool tone effect

Dive into a deep blue sea with a sapphire glow, lending a refreshing chill to your buzz cut’s bold statement.

Charcoal Fade – Darken the Ends Gradually for a Smoky Fade

charcoal fade darken the ends gradually for a smoky fade

The Charcoal Fade gives your buzz cut a subtle edge, transitioning naturally from the lighter crown to darker, smoke-infused tips.

Crimson Dip – Bleach the Top and Dip-dye the Ends With a Bold Red

crimson dip bleach the top and dip dye the ends with a bold red

The Crimson Dip infuses a vibrant punch, with the buzz cut’s bleached canvas flowing into fiery red ends for a statement look.

Two-Tone Split – Go Half-and-half With Bleached One Side, Natural Color On the Other

two tone split go half and half with bleached one side natural color on the other

The Two-Tone Split shakes up the conventional by pairing a striking bleached half with your natural hue, creating a dramatic, eye-catching contrast.

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