15 Brad Pitt Buzz Cut Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how to rock a Brad Pitt-inspired buzz cut and find the perfect style for your look.

Classic Buzz With Fade Sides

classic buzz with fade sides

This style combines the simplicity of a buzz cut with smoothly faded sides to add a modern twist and a cleaner, crisper look.

Buzz Cut With Etched Hairline

buzz cut with etched hairline

This style accentuates sharp angles by etching a distinct line along the natural hairline, giving it a modern, defined look.

Buzz and Beard Combo

buzz and beard combo

This style pairs a cleanly shaved buzz cut with a full, well-groomed beard to balance the sharpness of the closely cropped hair.

High and Tight Military Style

high and tight military style

This style showcases a sharp contrast between extremely short sides and a slightly longer top for a clean, disciplined look.

Buzz With a Slight Mohawk Ridge

buzz with a slight mohawk ridge

This style adds a rebellious twist, elevating the classic buzz by incorporating a narrow, raised strip of slightly longer hair along the top of the head.

Bleached Blonde Buzz Cut

bleached blonde buzz cut

A bleached blonde buzz adds a bold, edgy twist to the traditional short style, making a standout statement.

Buzz Cut With Subtle Hair Tattoo

buzz cut with subtle hair tattoo

A subtle hair tattoo adds a personal touch to the classic buzz, showcasing small, intricate designs shaved into the scalp for a creative twist.

Buzz With Side Part Etching

buzz with side part etching

This style adds a sleek, modern twist by etching a precise line along the side, creating a standout visual contrast.

Buzz Cut With Graduated Fade

buzz cut with graduated fade

This style pairs the stark simplicity of a buzz cut with a smooth transition in length, adding a subtle touch of sophistication.

Buzz With Discrete Lightning Bolt Design

buzz with discrete lightning bolt design

The discrete lightning bolt design adds an edgy, hidden surprise, striking a perfect balance between bold and minimalist.

Two-tone Dyed Buzz

two tone dyed buzz

The two-tone dyed buzz adds an audacious twist by featuring contrasting colors, turning a simple cut into a bold statement.

Buzz With a Razor-finished Neckline

buzz with a razor finished neckline

This style sharpens the neck area with precise razor work for a polished finish.

Buzz Layered With Varying Lengths

buzz layered with varying lengths

This style adds depth by incorporating different lengths throughout, giving the classic buzz cut a dynamic, textured appeal.

Buzz With Integrated Geometric Shapes

buzz with integrated geometric shapes

This style incorporates sharp, precise angles and lines, often overlapping, to create a bold, artistic statement.

Indigo-tinted Buzz Cut

indigo tinted buzz cut

The Indigo-tinted buzz cut offers a vibrant, unexpected pop of color that makes a bold fashion statement.

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