15 Buzz Cut Curly Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover fresh and stylish ways to rock a buzz cut with curly hair.

Tapered Curly Buzz Cut

tapered curly buzz cut

A tapered curly buzz cut offers a smooth graduation in length, enhancing the natural texture while keeping the sides neat.

Buzz Cut With Defined Curls

buzz cut with defined curls

This style sharpens curly hair with clean, close-cropped sides that accentuate the naturally textured curls on top, offering a striking contrast.

Bleached Curly Buzz Cut

bleached curly buzz cut

Adding a bleached twist to your curly buzz cut accentuates the texture and adds a bold, eye-catching element to your overall look.

Buzz Cut With Curly Fade

buzz cut with curly fade

The buzz cut with curly fade combines close-cropped sides that gradually lengthen to accentuate the natural volume and texture of curly hair on top.

High and Tight Curly Buzz

high and tight curly buzz

The high and tight curly buzz showcases closely cropped sides with a slightly longer, textured top, providing a sharp contrast that emphasizes the natural curl.

Buzz Cut With Curly Hair Tattoo

buzz cut with curly hair tattoo

This style incorporates artistic shaved designs that elevate a standard buzz, adding flair to textured curls.

Curly Buzz With Etched Part

curly buzz with etched part

This style combines close-cropped sides with a distinct, etched parting, accentuating the contrast and adding flair to the natural curls.

Dyed Tips Curly Buzz Cut

dyed tips curly buzz cut

Adding vibrant dyed tips to your curly buzz accentuates each curl, infusing a playful pop of color to your overall look.

Buzz Cut With Curly Fringe

buzz cut with curly fringe

This style allows curls to frame the forehead, adding a soft, textured contrast to the otherwise sharp buzzed sides.

All-Natural Curly Buzz Cut

all natural curly buzz cut

This style embraces your hair’s innate texture, maintaining simplicity and highlighting natural curls with minimal fuss.

Buzz Cut With Sculpted Curly Top

buzz cut with sculpted curly top

This style features a neatly buzzed lower section with a creatively carved, curly top, offering a striking contrast and visual appeal.

Two-Tone Curly Buzz Cut

two tone curly buzz cut

This style adds a playful twist by pairing two contrasting colors that accentuate the natural curl pattern.

Buzz Cut With Curly Design Lines

buzz cut with curly design lines

Incorporating precise lines cut into the buzzed sides introduces an artistic flair to the classic curly buzz, perfectly marrying simplicity and style.

Voluminous Curly Buzz Cut

voluminous curly buzz cut

This style boosts the natural volume of curls, creating a striking silhouette while keeping hair closely cropped.

Buzz Cut With Sharp Curly Contour

buzz cut with sharp curly contour

This style accentuates natural curls with precise contours, creating a striking contrast that frames the face boldly.

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