15 Buzz Cut Mullet Styles to Inspire Your Next Bold Look

Discover how to rock a buzz cut mullet with fresh styling approaches and creative twists for a modern take on this daring hairdo.

Classic Buzz Cut With a Wispy, Feathered Mullet Tail

classic buzz cut with a wispy feathered mullet tail

A precision-shorn top transitions into delicate, airy layers at the back, offering a playful yet edgy juxtaposition.

High Fade Buzz Cut Blending Into a Textured Mullet

high fade buzz cut blending into a textured mullet

This style marries the sharp precision of a high fade at the sides with the playful texture of a voluminous mullet at the back, creating a dynamic contrast that’s bold and fashion-forward.

Buzzed Sides With a Disconnected Curly Mullet

buzzed sides with a disconnected curly mullet

Edge meets whimsy in this style, where sleek, buzzed sides make a striking contrast with the carefree curls of the mullet.

Induction Buzz Cut With a Razor-edged Mullet

induction buzz cut with a razor edged mullet

This style marries the straightforward, ultra-short induction cut with the edginess of a sharply defined mullet, bringing an audacious contrast that’s bound to turn heads.

Mohawk-inspired Buzz Cut Mullet With a V-shaped Nape

mohawk inspired buzz cut mullet with a v shaped nape

The Mohawk-inspired adaptation takes the buzz cut mullet to edgier heights, featuring a sharply defined V at the neck that makes a bold statement.

Skin Fade Buzz Cut With an Undercut Mullet

skin fade buzz cut with an undercut mullet

This style strikes an edgy balance with its sharp skin fade at the sides, setting the stage for an undercut that seamlessly transitions into a striking mullet at the back.

Buzz Cut With a Long, Straightened Mullet

buzz cut with a long straightened mullet

Embrace an audacious edge with a seamless fusion of a no-nonsense buzz atop and a sleek, straight party in the back.

Military Buzz Cut With a Choppy, Layered Mullet

military buzz cut with a choppy layered mullet

This style fuses the disciplined precision of a military cut with the rebellious spirit of a layered mullet for a contrast that’s all business at the front and party at the back.

Buzz Cut Top With a Mullet Featuring Highlighted Tips

buzz cut top with a mullet featuring highlighted tips

Adding highlighted tips to a buzz cut mullet injects a splash of color that draws the eye, setting off the stark contrast between the edgy short sides and the playful, longer strands in the back.

Buzz Cut With a Mullet and a Central Hair Stripe Design

buzz cut with a mullet and a central hair stripe design

Incorporating a central stripe design adds a striking visual element, giving the classic buzz cut and mullet combo a modern, edgy twist.

Rounded Buzz Cut With a Voluminous, Wavy Mullet

rounded buzz cut with a voluminous wavy mullet

This style strikes a harmonious balance between precision and flair, showcasing a smoothly buzzed dome that flows into an exuberant, undulating tail at the back.

Buzz Cut With a Mini Mullet and Etched Side Designs

buzz cut with a mini mullet and etched side designs

Adding an artistic twist to a minimalist cut, etched designs on the sides breathe life into the subtle drama of the mini mullet.

Buzz Cut With a Mullet and a Tapered Neck Line

buzz cut with a mullet and a tapered neck line

A harmonious blend of sharp precision and soft transitions, this style creates a suave, modern silhouette, marrying the boldness of a buzz cut with the grace of a tapered neckline that eases into a flowing mullet.

Two-tone Buzz Cut Mullet With a Sharp Contrast Line

two tone buzz cut mullet with a sharp contrast line

This style marries the audaciousness of crisp color separation with the edginess of a buzz cut mullet, creating a striking visual impact.

Buzz Cut With a Hidden Mullet Only Visible From Behind

buzz cut with a hidden mullet only visible from behind

A covert style twist, this hairdo keeps the party in the back subtle, revealing the elongated mullet strands only to those standing behind you.

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