15 Buzz Cut Teen Ideas to Refresh Your Style

This article provides fresh buzz cut ideas for teens looking to refresh their look with a bold, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Classic Buzz Cut With a Fade

classic buzz cut with a fade

This style combines the neat simplicity of a buzz cut with gradually shorter hair at the sides, enhancing the face’s shape.

Buzz Cut With Razor Line

buzz cut with razor line

Adding a razor line creates a sharp, defined boundary that accentuates the clean simplicity of the buzz cut.

Buzz Cut With a Pattern Shaved in

buzz cut with a pattern shaved in

Incorporating shaved designs, this style turns a simple buzz into a personal statement, showcasing everything from subtle lines to intricate artistic patterns on the scalp.

Indigo Dyed Buzz Cut

indigo dyed buzz cut

Diving into a sea of deep blue, the indigo-dyed buzz cut brings a bold splash of color to an otherwise simple style, transforming everyday looks into eye-catching statements.

Buzz Cut With Bleached Tips

buzz cut with bleached tips

Adding bleached tips to a buzz cut introduces a playful contrast, perfect for teens wanting to stand out.

Rainbow Buzz Cut

rainbow buzz cut

A rainbow buzz cut showcases a vibrant spectrum of colors, turning a simple cut into a bold statement of individuality.

Buzz Cut With Longer Bangs

buzz cut with longer bangs

This style softens the traditional buzz by maintaining a bit of length at the front, allowing for some versatile styling or a touch of personality.

Two-tone Buzz Cut

two tone buzz cut

This style features contrasting colors on different sections of hair, instantly elevating the classic buzz into a bold statement.

Buzz Cut With Shaved Initials

buzz cut with shaved initials

Carving initials into a buzz cut adds a personal touch, transforming a simple haircut into a statement of identity and style.

Buzz Cut With Geometric Shapes

buzz cut with geometric shapes

Incorporating precise, angular designs imbues a modern artistic flair into the standard buzz cut.

Glitter-top Buzz Cut

glitter top buzz cut

A glitter-top buzz cut adds a sparkling twist, perfect for teens wanting to stand out at any event.

Buzz Cut With Faded Sides and Nape

buzz cut with faded sides and nape

This style seamlessly blends a short top with progressively shorter hair at the sides and back, accentuating the shape of the head.

Buzz Cut With a Subtle Mohawk

buzz cut with a subtle mohawk

This style adds a touch of edginess by blending the classic simplicity of a buzz cut with a thin, discreet Mohawk strip along the top of the head.

Camouflage Patterned Buzz Cut

camouflage patterned buzz cut

The camouflage pattern buzz cut blends various shades through precise clipping to give an edgy military-inspired statement.

Buzz Cut With Temporary Tattoo Designs

buzz cut with temporary tattoo designs

This style features washable designs that give a personal touch without long-term commitment.

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