15 Buzz Cut with Beard Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover the striking balance between a buzz cut and a beard, and how this combination can redefine your look with effortless cool.

Classic Buzz With Full Beard

classic buzz with full beard

A timeless union of simplicity and masculinity, the classic buzz cut paired with a full beard offers an assertive, low-maintenance look that balances facial features.

Induction Cut With Van Dyke Beard

induction cut with van dyke beard

Marrying the simplicity of the induction cut with the distinguished touch of a Van Dyke beard offers a sharp contrast that frames the face with masculine precision.

High and Tight With Stubble

high and tight with stubble

The high and tight offers a sharp contrast to a subtle stubble, creating a look that balances military precision with a hint of ruggedness.

Skin Fade Buzz and Goatee

skin fade buzz and goatee

This hairstyle marries the edgy appeal of a skin fade with the defined sophistication of a neatly sculpted goatee.

Buzz Cut With Ducktail Beard

buzz cut with ducktail beard

Marrying the simplicity of a buzz cut with the rakish flair of a tapered ducktail beard creates a balance between clean-cut and edgy.

Crew Cut Buzz With Mutton Chops

crew cut buzz with mutton chops

Merging traditional military precision with a dash of 19th-century flair, this combo pairs a neatly trimmed top with voluminous, whiskered sides, ideal for those looking to straddle the line between sharp discipline and bold statement.

Textured Top Buzz With Garibaldi Beard

textured top buzz with garibaldi beard

Adding a Garibaldi beard introduces a rugged contrast to the neatness of a textured buzz, creating a balance between polished and wild.

Burr Cut With Anchor Beard

burr cut with anchor beard

The Burr Cut, with its even and short hair length, complements the distinctive, nautical-inspired lines of an Anchor Beard, creating a sharp, masculine look.

Ivy League Buzz With Handlebar Mustache

ivy league buzz with handlebar mustache

Pairing a polished Ivy League haircut with a sophisticated handlebar mustache offers a combination of refined and rugged appeal that stands out in any crowd.

Buzz Fade With Circle Beard

buzz fade with circle beard

The buzz fade offers a sleek gradient of hair while the circle beard frames the face, providing a polished blend of edginess and sophistication.

Jarhead Cut With Bandholz Beard

jarhead cut with bandholz beard

Pairing the rugged simplicity of the jarhead cut with the bold statement of a Bandholz beard strikes a balance between military precision and unbridled masculinity.

Butch Cut With Imperial Beard

butch cut with imperial beard

The butch cut offers a confident, no-nonsense look that pairs seamlessly with the regal flair of an imperial beard for a harmonious blend of rugged and refined.

Flattop Buzz With Petite Goatee

flattop buzz with petite goatee

Maintaining a razor-sharp flattop while sporting a neatly-trimmed petite goatee offers a stark, yet stylish contrast that complements sharp facial features.

Recon Cut With Balbo Beard

recon cut with balbo beard

A Recon Cut delivers a bold statement by pairing a high and tight top with the intricate lines of a Balbo beard for a sharp, military-inspired contrast.

High Buzz With Chin Curtain Beard

high buzz with chin curtain beard

A high buzz cut paired with a chin curtain beard frames the face sharply, offering a bold contrast and a touch of sophistication.

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