15 Chinese Buzz Cut Styles to Refresh Your Look

Get ready to meet your new favorite hairstyle: here are the top Chinese buzz cut ideas that are sure to turn heads!

Classic Buzz With Faded Sides

classic buzz with faded sides

A classic buzz cut with faded sides adds a modern twist to a timeless style, creating a seamless blend from short to skin.

High Top Buzz Cut With Etched Line

high top buzz cut with etched line

The High Top buzz cut with an etched line adds a modern touch and edginess to a classic hairstyle.

Buzz Cut With Extended Nape Design

buzz cut with extended nape design

The buzz cut with extended nape design adds a modern twist to the traditional style, creating a unique and stylish look that stands out.

Buzz Cut With Diagonal Hard Part

buzz cut with diagonal hard part

A diagonal hard part on a buzz cut adds a bold and unique touch to a classic hairstyle. It creates a dynamic look that stands out and adds an edgy flair to the overall appearance.

Textured Top Buzz Cut

textured top buzz cut

Textured top buzz cut adds depth and dimension to a classic style, making it stand out with a modern twist.

Buzz Cut With Geometric Side Patterns

buzz cut with geometric side patterns

This buzz cut style incorporates intricate geometric patterns on the sides for a modern and edgy look. Add a touch of personality and flair to your overall style with this unique design.

Ultra-short Buzz With Scalp Tattoo

ultra short buzz with scalp tattoo

A scalp tattoo on an ultra-short buzz cut adds a unique and bold element to your hairstyle, creating a striking visual impact.

Two-tone Buzz Cut

two tone buzz cut

A two-tone buzz cut features contrasting shades for a bold and eye-catching look.

Buzz Cut With S-shaped Side Design

buzz cut with s shaped side design

The S-shaped side design adds a funky twist to a classic buzz cut, giving it a modern and edgy look.

Curved Fade Buzz Cut

curved fade buzz cut

The curved fade buzz cut adds a unique twist to the traditional buzz, creating a modern and stylish look with a seamless transition between hair lengths.

Zigzag Part Buzz Cut

zigzag part buzz cut

A Zigzag part buzz cut adds a creative touch to a classic style, making it distinctive and edgy. This design incorporates sharp angles to create a unique parting pattern. The zigzag parting stands out from conventional buzz cuts, giving a modern and stylish look. It adds a fun and playful element to your hairstyle, perfect for those looking to experiment with something different. The zigzag parting can be customized to suit your personal style, allowing for individuality in your haircut.

Patchwork Buzz Cut With Varying Lengths

patchwork buzz cut with varying lengths

A Patchwork buzz cut with varying lengths creates a dynamic and textured look by blending different hair lengths across the scalp. This style adds visual interest and dimension to a traditional buzz cut, making it a bold and unique choice for those looking to stand out.

Buzz With Starburst Side Shave

buzz with starburst side shave

The starburst side shave adds a bold and unique flair to a standard buzz cut, creating a striking visual impact.

Asymmetrical Artistic Buzz Cut

asymmetrical artistic buzz cut

An asymmetrical artistic buzz cut adds a unique flair to a traditional style by incorporating creative angles and designs for a bold and unconventional look.

Buzz Cut With Circular Crown Pattern

buzz cut with circular crown pattern

The buzz cut with a circular crown pattern adds a unique touch to a classic style, elevating the look with a creative and eye-catching design. It’s a fun way to make a statement and showcase your personality through your hairstyle.

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