15 Ideas to Grow Out Buzz Cut: Styling Tips & Inspiration

Discover practical tips and stylish ideas for growing out a buzz cut smoothly.

Textured Top With Fade

textured top with fade

As your buzz cut grows out, adding texture on top with a fade on the sides offers a dynamic and modern look.

Slicked Back With Taper Fade

slicked back with taper fade

As your buzz cut grows out, transitioning to a slicked-back style with a taper fade presents a sharp, clean look that elegantly frames the face.

Mohawk Evolution

mohawk evolution

As your buzz cut grows out, a Mohawk offers a bold style transition, maintaining short sides while the center strip grows longer and stands out.

Bro Flow

bro flow

The “Bro Flow” elegantly embraces increasing length, affording a relaxed and laid-back appearance as your buzz cut begins to grow.

Natural Curls With Undercut

natural curls with undercut

Embrace your curl’s natural bounce as they grow, paired with a sharp undercut to keep the look clean and manageable.

Side-Swept Bangs

side swept bangs

This style softens your features as the longer bangs sweep across the forehead, adding a touch of elegance during the awkward grow-out phase.

Crew Cut Expansion

crew cut expansion

As your hair grows longer, subtly shape it into a classic crew cut to maintain a neat appearance while adding volume on top.

Ivy League Graduation

ivy league graduation

The Ivy League cut offers a polished look that smartly transitions from a more sporty buzz into a professional, subtle style with length on top and neat sides.

Caesar Cut Revival

caesar cut revival

As your buzz cut grows out, transitioning into a Caesar cut offers a stylish and manageable look, with its short, horizontally straight bangs.

French Crop Addition

french crop addition

The French Crop lends a sharp, defined look as the top grows, with a subtly forward-styled fringe maintaining an air of neatness and style.

Pompadour Progression

pompadour progression

As your hair grows, gradually increase the volume on top to transition into a classic pompadour, keeping the sides shorter for a sharp contrast.

Surfer Hair Transition

surfer hair transition

As your buzz cut grows, allowing the hair on top to lengthen for a relaxed, tousled look captures that laid-back, surfer vibe.

Spiky Adventure

spiky adventure

As your buzz cut grows, experiment by styling the longer strands into dynamic, sharp spikes for a bold, playful look.

Long Top, Short Sides

long top short sides

Maintaining shorter sides while letting the top grow introduces a stylish contrast, making the transition from a buzz cut less abrupt and more manageable.

Comb Over Charm

comb over charm

As your hair grows longer, effortlessly sweep it to one side for a refined, classic look that adds a touch of sophistication to your growing strands.

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