15 Half Buzz Cut Ideas for a Bold New Look

Discover how half buzz cut ideas can transform your look with bold and stylish options.

Classic Side Buzz With Top Volume

classic side buzz with top volume

This style showcases a clean, shaved look on one side, paired with a lush, voluminous top that adds a striking contrast and dynamic edge.

Asymmetrical Buzz With Angled Part

asymmetrical buzz with angled part

This style revolutionizes traditional symmetry by featuring a buzz cut on one side, contrasted sharply with an angled part that gives a dramatic, modern twist.

Buzzed Undercut With Long Bangs

buzzed undercut with long bangs

This style combines a sharp, clean shave on one side of the head, providing a striking contrast with the lengthy, flowing bangs on the other, offering both edge and elegance in a single look.

Diagonal Fade From Temple to Nape

diagonal fade from temple to nape

This style features a slanting shave that transitions smoothly from the temple down to the nape, creating a sleek and dynamic look.

Half Head Buzz With a Hard Part

half head buzz with a hard part

This style emphasizes a stark contrast by keeping one side of the head fully buzzed while the other boasts longer, styled hair, sharply divided by a distinct, hard line.

Crown Focus Buzz Leaving Frontal Hair

crown focus buzz leaving frontal hair

This style sharpens focus on the head’s crown by buzzing it, while letting the frontal hair cascade forward, achieving a bold contrast.

Curved Line Design With Partial Buzz

curved line design with partial buzz

This style features a creatively shaved line that curves around the head, blending a sleek buzzed area with untouched hair for a dramatic contrast.

Buzz With a Braided Top

buzz with a braided top

This style combines the edgy appeal of a buzz cut with the charm of braided hair on top, offering a striking contrast and a dash of sophistication.

Soft Fade With Textured Top

soft fade with textured top

This style balances sleekness and volume by blending a subtle buzz up the sides, culminating in a distinctly textured, lively top.

Zigzag Part With Side Buzz

zigzag part with side buzz

This style features a dynamic zigzag parting that breathes life into the standard buzz cut, adding an edgy twist to the classic look.

Circular Buzz Around the Ear

circular buzz around the ear

This style features a precise ring of buzzed hair encircling the ear, creating a bold and distinct separation from the longer styles on top.

Vertical Half Buzz With Curls On Top

vertical half buzz with curls on top

This style contrasts the sharp, clean lines of a vertical buzz on one side with playful curls cascading on the other, creating a striking balance.

Half Buzz With a Top Knot

half buzz with a top knot

This style combines the edgy appeal of a buzzed half cut with the trendy sophistication of a top knot, striking a balance between bold and stylish.

Buzzed Lower Half With Voluminous Pompadour

buzzed lower half with voluminous pompadour

This style melds the boldness of a buzzed lower half with the classic drama of an ample, sculpted pompadour on top.

Buzzed-back Design With Long Side Fringe

buzzed back design with long side fringe

This style juxtaposes sleek, closely shaved hair at the back with a dramatic, flowing fringe on one side, offering a bold contrast that turns heads.

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