15 High Taper Buzz Cut Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover stylish high taper buzz cut options and how to select the ideal one to complement your features and personal style.

Classic High Taper With Textured Top

classic high taper with textured top

Adding dimension, the textured top breathes life into the classic high taper, offering a harmonious blend of polish and edge.

High Taper With Side Part Line

high taper with side part line

Adding a defined side part line to a high taper buzz injects a touch of suave elegance into this traditionally rugged look.

Curly Top High Taper Buzz Cut

curly top high taper buzz cut

Embrace your natural curls with this cut that blends a skin-tight taper with a crown of defined coils, striking a perfect balance between precision and playful volume.

Disconnected High Taper Buzz

disconnected high taper buzz

Creating a stark contrast, the disconnected high taper buzz keeps the sides ultra-short while allowing a thicker top to stand out sharply.

Faux Hawk High Taper Buzz

faux hawk high taper buzz

Adding an edgy twist to the traditional buzz, this look combines the sharpness of a high taper with the rebellious spirit of a faux hawk, making a statement without words.

High Taper With Hard Part

high taper with hard part

The hard part amplifies the contrast, offering a bold delineation that elevates the edginess of the high taper buzz cut.

High and Tight Recon Buzz Cut

high and tight recon buzz cut

The High and Tight Recon takes the traditional military-inspired look up a notch by closely shaving the sides and back while leaving a slightly more pronounced strip of hair on top.

High Taper With Wavy Top

high taper with wavy top

Adding waves to the high taper buzz cut introduces texture and movement, softening the starkness of the classic buzz for an edgy yet versatile look.

Asymmetrical High Taper Buzz

asymmetrical high taper buzz

Daring and offbeat, the asymmetrical high taper buzz offers a twist that defies the conventional, giving an edge to your overall look with its unequal lengths.

High Taper Skin Fade Buzz

high taper skin fade buzz

A high taper skin fade buzz cut provides a sleek transition from bare skin up to a neatly buzzed top for a sharp, modern look.

High Taper With Frontal Fringe

high taper with frontal fringe

Adding a frontal fringe to a high taper buzz cut brings a dash of edginess, artfully blending a contemporary vibe with classic military precision.

High Taper Buzz With Beard Fade

high taper buzz with beard fade

A harmonious blend, this cut merges the buzz’s sharpness with a gradient beard fade for an effortlessly groomed appearance.

High Taper With Slicked Back Top

high taper with slicked back top

Adding a slicked-back top to a high taper buzz cut infuses a dose of sophistication, perfect for those who favor a clean yet modern edge.

High Taper Buzz With Design Lines

high taper buzz with design lines

Incorporating design lines transforms the high taper buzz into a canvas for expressing personal style, adding an edgy twist to a traditional cut.

High Taper With Brushed Up Front

high taper with brushed up front

This style adds a dash of flair to the conventional buzz, with hair length increasing towards the front and brushed up for a dynamic, modern quiff effect.

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