15 Jake Gyllenhaal Crew Cut Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how to rock a Jake Gyllenhaal-inspired crew cut with these stylish ideas.

Classic Crew Cut

classic crew cut

Jake Gyllenhaal’s version of the classic crew cut showcases a timeless, neat trim that complements his sharp facial features.

Faded Sides Crew Cut

faded sides crew cut

Jake Gyllenhaal’s faded sides crew cut blends smooth transitions with sharp style, accentuating his jawline and adding to the overall clean, sophisticated look.

Textured Top Crew Cut

textured top crew cut

Adding texture to the top of a crew cut creates an engaging contrast that refines the overall look, offering versatility in styling and a modern flair.

Ivy League Crew Cut

ivy league crew cut

The Ivy League version adds a touch of polish by keeping the front slightly longer, allowing for a subtle side part.

Buzzed Crew Cut

buzzed crew cut

The buzzed crew cut offers a nearly shaved look that’s both sharp and low-maintenance, ideal for emphasizing facial features.

Hard Part Crew Cut

hard part crew cut

The hard part crew cut adds a razor-sharp line to one side, creating a striking definition that separates the shorter sides from the top.

Crew Cut With Beard

crew cut with beard

Adding a beard to a crew cut creates a balanced, rugged look that enhances masculine features.

Tapered Crew Cut

tapered crew cut

The tapered crew cut gradually shortens the hair from the top down to the nape, creating a clean, polished look that enhances the natural shape of the head.

Side Swept Crew Cut

side swept crew cut

The side swept crew cut adds a dynamic touch by angling the hair across the forehead, offering a polished yet casual look.

Messy Crew Cut

messy crew cut

This style adds a touch of rebellion with its deliberately tousled strands, offering a casual yet stylish vibe.

Pompadour Crew Cut

pompadour crew cut

The Pompadour Crew Cut elevates the classic style by adding volume and height at the front, creating a bold, standout aesthetic.

Wavy Crew Cut

wavy crew cut

The wavy crew cut adds a touch of casual elegance by embracing the natural curls and waves on top, providing a soft contrast to the typically sharp edges of a traditional crew cut.

Crew Cut With Highlights

crew cut with highlights

Adding highlights to a crew cut gives it a vibrant, textured look that enhances contrast and adds depth to the hairstyle.

Long On Top Crew Cut

long on top crew cut

This variation features longer hair on the crown, offering a bit more versatility for styling, from swept-back looks to more voluminous options.

Crew Cut With Disconnected Beard

crew cut with disconnected beard

Pairing the crew cut with a disconnected beard creates a striking contrast that adds a rugged edge to this clean-cut style.

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