15 John Cena Haircut Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover stylish haircut ideas inspired by the ever-evolving looks of wrestling icon John Cena.

Buzz Cut

buzz cut

John Cena’s buzz cut, a low-maintenance and rugged option, radiates a tough, no-nonsense vibe perfectly suited for those who prefer a straightforward grooming routine.

Crew Cut

crew cut

The Crew Cut offers a slightly longer top than a buzz cut, providing a bit more styling flexibility while maintaining a robust, masculine look typical of John Cena’s early wrestling days.

Ivy League Cut

ivy league cut

The Ivy League cut offers a polished look that blends professionalism with style, perfect for those who admire Cena’s clean and crisp ring-side persona.

High and Tight

high and tight

Ideal for showcasing strength and straightforwardness, the High and Tight haircut features closely shaved sides with a slightly longer strip at the top, enhancing a clean and crisp appearance.

Military Cut

military cut

The Military Cut offers a sharp, low-maintenance look that epitomizes neatness and discipline, perfect for those who want a fuss-free style.



Elevating the front of the hair with volume, the pompadour adds a classy, retro flair famously sported by movie icons and rockstars alike.

Textured Quiff

textured quiff

The Textured Quiff, adding a modern twist with choppy layers, creates a fashionable silhouette ideal for wrestling fans aiming to channel some Cena charisma.

Faux Hawk

faux hawk

The Faux Hawk offers a playful yet edgy vibe, striking the perfect balance between mohawk daring and everyday practicality.

Side Part

side part

The Side Part adds a touch of classic sophistication, creating an effortlessly clean and polished appearance.

Spiky Hair

spiky hair

John Cena’s spiky hair, often achieved with a bit of gel or wax, exudes a rough-and-tumble vibe that perfectly matches his wrestling persona.

Slicked Back Hair

slicked back hair

Slicked back hair offers a polished, suave look that screams boardroom rather than bodyslam.



The Mohawk offers a daring style that stands out with shaved sides and a strip of longer hair running from the forehead to the back of the head.

Frosted Tips

frosted tips

Frosted tips add a playful touch to basic short hair by highlighting just the tips of the strands, creating a noticeable contrast that says, “Yes, I’m here to have fun!”

Caesar Cut

caesar cut

The Caesar Cut features short, horizontally straight cut bangs combined with an evenly trimmed back and sides, channeling ancient sophistication with modern flair.

Bald or Shaved Head

bald or shaved head

Embracing minimalism, the bald or shaved head offers a no-fuss, low-maintenance option that radiates boldness and dominance.

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