15 Long Hair Buzz Cut Ideas: Inspiration for Your Next Bold Move

Get inspired with innovative buzz cut ideas that give your long hair a bold new twist!

Top-only Buzz: Buzz the Top of Your Head While Keeping the Sides and Back Long

top only buzz buzz the top of your head while keeping the sides and back long

The Top-only buzz creates a striking contrast by shaving only the top of your head, leaving the sides and back long. The style adds a unique twist to the classic buzz cut look. It offers a modern and edgy appearance while showcasing versatility. This option allows you to experiment with different lengths and textures, making it a trendy choice for those seeking a bold transformation. The Top-only buzz is a great way to stand out and make a statement with your hairstyle.

Side Buzz: Shave One Side and Leave the Rest of Your Hair Long

side buzz shave one side and leave the rest of your hair long

The side buzz hairstyle involves shaving one side of your head while leaving the other side with long hair to create a bold and edgy look that adds asymmetry and a touch of rebelliousness to your overall style.

Undercut Buzz: Buzz the Lower Half of Your Head, Letting the Upper Long Hair Fall Over It

undercut buzz buzz the lower half of your head letting the upper long hair fall over it

The undercut buzz is an edgy hairstyle where the lower half of your head is shaved, while the top section of your hair remains long to create a bold contrast look.

Buzzed Nape: Shave Only the Nape Area, Leaving Other Parts Long

buzzed nape shave only the nape area leaving other parts long

Buzzed nape creates a striking contrast with long hair. It adds a unique element to your overall look. Shaving just the nape area gives a bold and edgy vibe while keeping the rest of the hair flowy and voluminous for a modern twist.

Half Buzz: Buzz From the Ear Level Down On One Side While Other Side Remains Long

half buzz buzz from the ear level down on one side while other side remains long

A half buzz involves shaving from the ear level down on one side, keeping the other side long.

Buzz With a Tail: Keep a Small Section of Long Hair At the Back Buzzed Around

buzz with a tail keep a small section of long hair at the back buzzed around

By incorporating a small tail of long hair amidst the buzzed section, you can add a unique twist to your long hair buzz cut.

Asymmetric Buzz: Buzz One Side Asymmetrically, With Varying Lengths

asymmetric buzz buzz one side asymmetrically with varying lengths

Create a striking look by buzzing one side of your hair with varying lengths for an edgy and dynamic style.

Frontal Buzz: Shave Just the Front Hairline Area, Leaving Long Hair Behind

frontal buzz shave just the front hairline area leaving long hair behind

A frontal buzz focuses on shaving the front hairline only, contrasting with long hair elsewhere for a bold contrast and statement.

Crown Buzz: Buzz Around the Crown but Leave the Lower Hair Long

crown buzz buzz around the crown but leave the lower hair long

The Crown buzz focuses on buzzing around the top of the head while leaving the lower sections long, creating a striking contrast in lengths.

Stripe Buzz: Buzz a Thin Stripe From Front to Back Amidst Long Hair

stripe buzz buzz a thin stripe from front to back amidst long hair

The Stripe buzz adds a unique touch by shaving a thin stripe through long hair from front to back.

Two-tone Buzz: Dye the Buzzed Part One Color and the Long Sections Another

two tone buzz dye the buzzed part one color and the long sections another

Add a twist to your long hair buzz cut by dyeing the buzzed part and long sections in different colors, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

Patchwork Buzz: Buzz Small, Random Patches and Let the Long Hair Flow Around Them

patchwork buzz buzz small random patches and let the long hair flow around them

Create a unique look by buzzing small, random patches amidst your long hair, adding an edgy and dynamic touch to your hairstyle.

Buzzed Undercut With Design: Buzz Patterns or Shapes Into the Undercut Section

buzzed undercut with design buzz patterns or shapes into the undercut section

Add a fun twist to your long hair buzz cut by buzzing patterns or shapes into the undercut section for a unique and personalized look.

Full Side Buzz: Buzz One Entire Side From Front to Back, Leaving the Other Side Long

full side buzz buzz one entire side from front to back leaving the other side long

Create a striking asymmetrical look by buzzing one side completely while leaving the other side long.

Buzz Circle: Buzz a Circular Area Anywhere On the Scalp, Surrounded By Long Locks

buzz circle buzz a circular area anywhere on the scalp surrounded by long locks

Create a unique focal point on your head with a circular buzz surrounded by long hair.

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