15 Nick Jonas Buzzcut Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover stylish buzzcut ideas inspired by Nick Jonas, perfect for a fresh and modern look.

Sleek Buzz With Detailed Side Etchings

sleek buzz with detailed side etchings

The sleek buzz cut, enhanced with detailed side etchings, offers a modern twist that showcases personal style and precision.

Buzz Cut With Asymmetrical Fade

buzz cut with asymmetrical fade

This style adds a modern twist by fading one side more dramatically than the other, giving the classic buzz a fresh, asymmetrical vibe.

Two-tone Buzz: Natural On Top, Bleached On Sides

two tone buzz natural on top bleached on sides

This style contrasts starkly with the unaltered shade up top against the strikingly lightened sides, creating a bold, modern look.

Buzz With a Subtle Faux Hawk

buzz with a subtle faux hawk

This variant adds a dash of boldness by elevating the center strip slightly higher than the surrounding hair, subtly mimicking the edgy faux hawk style.

Patterned Buzz Cut, With Geometric Shapes Shaved in

patterned buzz cut with geometric shapes shaved in

This bold style integrates precise geometric designs, offering a modern twist to the traditional buzz cut.

Classic Buzz With a Sharp, Defined Hairline

classic buzz with a sharp defined hairline

This style accentuates the face with its crisp, precise edges, offering a bold and clean appearance.

Buzz With a Zigzag Side Part

buzz with a zigzag side part

This style adds a playful twist by incorporating a zigzag line along the side, breaking the monotony of the traditional buzz cut.

Buzz Cut With Soft, Feathered Edges

buzz cut with soft feathered edges

This style softens the traditional sharpness of a buzz cut, providing a more subtle transition between hair lengths.

Indigo-tinted Buzz Cut

indigo tinted buzz cut

The indigo-tinted buzz cut adds a bold splash of color, perfect for making a statement with minimal hair length.

Buzz With Scalp Tattoo Peeking Through

buzz with scalp tattoo peeking through

This style subtly showcases a personal scalp tattoo, offering a glimpse through the closely cropped hair for an edgy accent.

Buzz With a Single, Bold Lightning Bolt Design

buzz with a single bold lightning bolt design

This style features a distinctive lightning bolt shave that adds an electrifying touch to the classic buzz cut.

Glossy Finished Buzz Cut for a Polished Look

glossy finished buzz cut for a polished look

A glossy finish adds a sophisticated shine, enhancing the buzz cut’s clean, modern appearance.

Buzz With a Gradual Ombré Effect

buzz with a gradual ombre effect

This style subtly transitions from dark roots to lighter tips, adding a modern twist to the traditional buzz cut.

Buzz Cut With a Tiny, Intricately Shaved Crown

buzz cut with a tiny intricately shaved crown

This cut adds a regal touch by incorporating a minute, detailed crown design shaved at the top of the head, providing a distinguished and bold visual focus.

Buzz Featuring Randomized, Scattered Line Work

buzz featuring randomized scattered line work

This style infuses a playful edge by incorporating random, artistically placed lines across the scalp.

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