15 Overgrown Buzz Cut Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover fresh ideas to style your overgrown buzz cut and keep your look sharp and current.

Soft Fade With Textured Top

soft fade with textured top

Pairing a smooth fade with a textured top can add dimension to an overgrown buzz cut look, giving it a modern twist that stands out.

Curly Overgrown Top With Sharp Lines

curly overgrown top with sharp lines

This style combines defined curly textures with sharp, clean lines for a bold and striking look that adds dimension to an overgrown buzz cut.

High and Tight With Natural Waves

high and tight with natural waves

The high and tight style carries a professional look with a touch of personality by incorporating natural waves.

Blown Back Buzz With Volume

blown back buzz with volume

The Blown Back Buzz with Volume hairstyle adds a touch of flair to the classic buzz cut, creating a stylish look with a voluminous twist, perfect for those wanting a bit of extra oomph to their hair.

Disconnected Buzz With Overgrown Crown

disconnected buzz with overgrown crown

The Disconnected Buzz with Overgrown Crown adds a unique touch to a classic hairstyle. It creates a bold contrast between the shaved sides and the longer, overgrown top. This style allows for versatility in styling while maintaining a structured look.

Tapered Sides With a Thick Top

tapered sides with a thick top

Tapered Sides with a Thick Top creates a modern and balanced look by blending short sides with a voluminous top section. This style offers versatility, allowing for various styling options and a clean appearance. It adds depth and dimension to the haircut, making it suitable for different hair types and face shapes.

Buzzed Sides With Long Bangs

buzzed sides with long bangs

For a unique twist on the classic buzz cut, consider pairing buzzed sides with long bangs for a modern and edgy look that adds flair to the traditional style.

Asymmetrical Buzz With Overgrown Fringe

asymmetrical buzz with overgrown fringe

This style combines the classic buzz cut with a modern twist by leaving the front fringe longer for added texture and personality. It provides a unique and edgy look for those looking to stand out with minimal effort. The asymmetry adds a touch of cool factor to an otherwise straightforward haircut.

Sleek Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

sleek buzz cut faux hawk

The Sleek Buzz Cut Faux Hawk adds a modern twist to a classic haircut by blending a bold and edgy style with a clean and polished finish. It combines the low-maintenance of a buzz cut with the stylish flair of a faux hawk, creating a versatile look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This hairstyle is perfect for those looking to stand out with a unique and trendy haircut that exudes confidence and individuality. The sleek finish of the buzz cut faux hawk elevates any outfit and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Buzz Undercut With a Twist

buzz undercut with a twist

The Buzz Undercut with a Twist adds a modern touch to the classic buzz cut by incorporating an undercut. This style features shaved sides to create a bold contrast with the longer hair on top.

Overgrown Buzz With Side Part

overgrown buzz with side part

Add a classic touch to your overgrown buzz cut by incorporating a stylish side part. It’s a simple yet effective way to elevate your look and add some sophistication to your hairstyle. Embrace the contrast between the longer top and the buzzed sides with a neat side part for a polished finish.

Layered Buzz With Hidden Length

layered buzz with hidden length

Create a layered buzz cut to add depth and dimension to your hair. The hidden length enhances texture and creates a modern twist on the classic buzz cut.

Buzz Style With Curly Pompadour

buzz style with curly pompadour

For the Buzz Style with Curly Pompadour, think of a mix of traditional buzz cut with curly, styled top; this look adds flair to a classic hairstyle. It combines the edginess of a buzz cut with the fun and volume of a pompadour. Perfect for those wanting a low-maintenance yet eye-catching style.

Messy, Textured Buzz With Spikes

messy textured buzz with spikes

The idea is to add a playful and edgy touch to an overgrown buzz cut by creating messy, textured spikes that give dimension and personality to the hairstyle.

Retro Buzz With Overgrown Slick Back

retro buzz with overgrown slick back

This retro-inspired buzz cut features an overgrown top slicked back for a vintage yet modern look. It adds a touch of sophistication to a classic style. The combination of a shorter buzzed sides and a longer slicked back top creates a stylish contrast. Perfect for those who want a refined and timeless hairstyle with a contemporary twist.

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