15 Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Shaved Head Styles to Inspire Your Look

Discover stylish shaved head ideas inspired by Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to refresh your look.

Punk Rock Mohawk

punk rock mohawk

A punk rock mohawk on a shaved head offers a bold, rebellious vibe that stands out in any crowd.

Glitter Scalp Art

glitter scalp art

Glitter scalp art transforms a shaved head into a sparkling canvas, perfect for shining under any light.

Zigzag Patterns

zigzag patterns

Zigzag patterns add a dynamic and playful touch, showcasing a bold contrast against the smooth sections of a shaved head.

Henna Tattoo Designs

henna tattoo designs

Henna tattoo designs on a shaved head create intricate, temporary patterns that blend cultural significance with modern style.

UV Paint Glow

uv paint glow

UV paint glow adds a brilliant, radiant effect under black lights, turning the shaved head into a stunning feature at any night event.

Temporary Vivid Hair Tattoos

temporary vivid hair tattoos

Temporary vivid hair tattoos infuse bold color and dazzling designs into the shaved sections, adding a dynamic flair to the overall hairstyle.

Geometric Scalp Etching

geometric scalp etching

Geometric scalp etching turns the head into a canvas for sharp, precise lines and shapes, creating a striking visual statement.

Inspirational Quotes Stencil

inspirational quotes stencil

Inspirational quotes stenciled on the scalp serve as a bold expression of personal beliefs or motivation, visible for all to see.

Rainbow Hair Dye Patches

rainbow hair dye patches

Rainbow hair dye patches add vibrant splashes of color, making the shaved sections pop with playful, eye-catching hues.

Shaved Map Design

shaved map design

Shaved map designs feature detailed cartographic lines and symbols etched directly into the scalp, showcasing a love for travel or geographical pride.

Astrological Constellations

astrological constellations

Astrological constellations offer a celestial touch, mapping the stars of your zodiac sign directly onto the scalp for a stellar display.

High-gloss Scalp Polish

high gloss scalp polish

High-gloss scalp polish gives a sleek, reflective finish that turns the head into a bold statement piece.

Chromatic Shifting Temporary Tattoos

chromatic shifting temporary tattoos

Chromatic shifting temporary tattoos are a bold choice, changing color based on light and angle, adding a dynamic element to a shaved head.

Eco-friendly Seed Sprout Patches

eco friendly seed sprout patches

Eco-friendly seed sprout patches transform a shaved head into a living canvas, sprouting small plants for a naturally dynamic look.

Optical Illusion Art

optical illusion art

Optical illusion art transforms the shaved head into a captivating 3D canvas, tricking the eye with mind-bending patterns.

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