15 Smiley Face Buzz Cut Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Discover fresh and creative smiley face buzz cut ideas that will turn heads and bring smiles.

Classic Smiley: Simple, Smiling Face Shaved On the Back

classic smiley simple smiling face shaved on the back

The Classic Smiley design involves a simple, happy face shaved onto the back of the head, adding a touch of fun to your look.

Winking Smiley: Add a Playful Wink

winking smiley add a playful wink

Adding a playful wink to the smiley face buzz cut gives it a fun and cheeky twist, creating a more dynamic and engaging look.

Heart Eyes: Replace Standard Eyes With Hearts

heart eyes replace standard eyes with hearts

Heart Eyes: Add a touch of love by replacing standard eyes with heart shapes, giving a sweet and endearing twist to the classic smiley face buzz cut.

Sunglasses Smiley: Add Cool Shades Over the Eyes

sunglasses smiley add cool shades over the eyes

The Sunglasses Smiley on a buzz cut adds a touch of coolness and style to the overall look.

Laughing Tears: Smiley With Tears of Joy

laughing tears smiley with tears of joy

The Laughing Tears smiley adds humorous flair to a traditional buzz cut.

Multicolored Smiley: Use Temporary Hair Colors

multicolored smiley use temporary hair colors

Achieve a funky and vibrant look by incorporating different temporary hair colors into your smiley face buzz cut.

Surprised Smiley: Open Mouth and Wide Eyes

surprised smiley open mouth and wide eyes

For the Surprised Smiley, envision a playful expression with an open mouth and wide eyes, adding a fun and unexpected twist to your buzz cut.

Eyebrow Raise: One Eyebrow Raised for a Quizzical Look

eyebrow raise one eyebrow raised for a quizzical look

The Eyebrow Raise adds a quizzical touch to the classic smiley face buzz cut.

Tongue Out: Tongue Sticking Out Cheekily

tongue out tongue sticking out cheekily

Add a playful touch by incorporating a cheeky tongue sticking out in your smiley face buzz cut design.

Devilish Smiley: Add Little Horns On Top

devilish smiley add little horns on top

The Devilish Smiley adds a mischievous touch by incorporating tiny horns atop the smiley face design, giving it a playful and edgy vibe.

Angelic Smiley: Halo and Angelic Expression

angelic smiley halo and angelic expression

For an Angelic Smiley, envision a serene halo and an expression of heavenly innocence, perfect for a sweet and charming look.

Sleepy Smiley: Closed Eyes and Peaceful Expression

sleepy smiley closed eyes and peaceful expression

For the Sleepy Smiley, picture closed eyes and a peaceful expression to add a relaxed vibe to your buzz cut.

Stitched Smiley: Look Like It’s Stitched Onto the Scalp

stitched smiley look like its stitched onto the scalp

The Stitched Smiley creates the illusion of a stitched design on your scalp, adding a unique and edgy twist to the traditional smiley face buzz cut.

Pixel Smiley: Create a Pixelated Effect

pixel smiley create a pixelated effect

Create a trendy hair design resembling a pixelated image, adding a unique and modern twist to your smiley face buzz cut.

Glow-in-the-Dark: Use Glow-in-the-dark Hair Paint

glow in the dark use glow in the dark hair paint

Get ready to stand out in the dark with glow-in-the-dark hair paint, adding a fun and unique twist to your smiley face buzz cut.

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