15 Thick Buzz Cut Styles to Refresh Your Look

If you have thick hair and are considering a buzz cut, this article will guide you through several stylish options to suit your look.

Textured Top Buzz

textured top buzz

Adding texture on top gives the buzz cut a modern twist and enhances volume for thick hair.

Gradient Buzz Fade

gradient buzz fade

The Gradient Buzz Fade smoothly transitions from a barely-there trim at the sides to a slightly thicker length on top, offering a subtle contrast that adds depth to thick hair.

Buzz With Hard Part

buzz with hard part

This style features a sharp, defined line shaved into one side to accentuate the classic buzz cut, adding a modern twist to the silhouette.

Buzz With Etched Design

buzz with etched design

Adding an etched design transforms a simple buzz into a canvas for artistic expression, spotlighting your personal style through intricate, shaved patterns.

Frosted Tips Buzz

frosted tips buzz

Adding a touch of color, frosted tips on a buzz cut can create exciting contrast and emphasize the texture of thick hair.

Buzz With Disconnected Beard

buzz with disconnected beard

Pairing a clean buzz cut with a full, untouched beard creates a striking contrast that accentuates strong facial features.

Buzz With Razor Line

buzz with razor line

A razor line adds a sharp, defined edge to the standard buzz, elevating its overall sharpness and style.

High and Tight Buzz

high and tight buzz

The high and tight buzz offers a sharp, military-inspired look with closely cropped sides and a slightly longer length on top.

Curly Top Buzz Cut

curly top buzz cut

A curly top buzz cut preserves natural curls on top while keeping the sides ultra-short, offering a striking contrast and adding a dash of flair to the classic style.

Buzz With Extended Crown

buzz with extended crown

This style maintains extra length on top, creating a prominent contrast with the closely shaved sides.

Two-Tone Buzz

two tone buzz

The Two-Tone Buzz adds a vibrant contrast by incorporating a secondary color into the standard buzz cut, distinguishing your style with a bold visual statement.

Buzz With Side Fade

buzz with side fade

This style incorporates a gradual thinning of the hair on the sides, accentuating the thicker top for a sharp, clean contrast.

Buzz With Full Beard

buzz with full beard

Pairing a buzz cut with a full beard balances the sharp simplicity up top with a rugged, fuller facial hair style, creating a striking contrast.

Buzz With Eyebrow Slit

buzz with eyebrow slit

Adding a slit to the eyebrow introduces a daring twist, enhancing the boldness of the thick buzz cut.

Camouflage Pattern Buzz

camouflage pattern buzz

This style incorporates varying shades and lengths, echoing a military camo pattern for a bold statement.

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