15 3 Guard Buzz Cut Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover three stylish buzz cut variations using a number 3 guard to refresh your look.

Textured Top With Faded Sides

textured top with faded sides

This style contrasts a thicker, textured length on top with smoothly faded sides for a sleek, modern look.

Buzz Cut With Hard Part

buzz cut with hard part

This style features a razor-sharp line shaved into the side, adding a striking contrast to the uniform length of the buzz cut.

Blended Fade With Beard Integration

blended fade with beard integration

This style combines a seamless fade from hair to beard, achieving a cohesive and polished appearance.

Two-Tone Buzz Fade

two tone buzz fade

This style contrasts sharply by fading from a darker natural color at the crown to a significantly lighter hue towards the hairline.

Buzz With Disconnected Beard

buzz with disconnected beard

This style contrasts the clean lines of the buzz cut with a fuller, untouched beard, emphasizing a sharp division between hair and facial hair.

High Fade With Design Lines

high fade with design lines

This style features a sharp high fade that accentuates precise, creative lines etched into the hair for a bold statement.

Edge-Up Buzz Cut

edge up buzz cut

This style sharpens the hairline with precise edges, offering a clean and defined look that accentuates facial features.

Buzz With Subtle Hair Tattoo

buzz with subtle hair tattoo

This style adds an artistic flair with a discreet hair tattoo emerging subtly from the buzzed backdrop, offering a splash of creativity without overpowering the simplicity of the cut.

Classic 3 Guard With Tapered Neck

classic 3 guard with tapered neck

This style maintains uniform length on the top, seamlessly transitioning into a neatly tapered neckline for a polished look.

Buzz With Side Fade and Line Up

buzz with side fade and line up

This style sharpens your features by blending a crisp side fade with a precise line-up along the forehead and temples.

Curved Line Design Buzz Cut

curved line design buzz cut

This style features precision-shaved lines that arch over the scalp, adding a dynamic visual twist to the traditional buzz.

Buzz With Gradual Fade

buzz with gradual fade

This style seamlessly transitions from a shorter length near the ears to a #3 guard on top, offering a sleek and modern appearance.

Zero Fade Into 3 Guard Buzz

zero fade into 3 guard buzz

This style merges a seamless zero fade at the base with a uniform length across the top, creating a sharp contrast that highlights structure and clean lines.

Buzz With Feathered Hairline

buzz with feathered hairline

This style softens the traditional sharp edges of a buzz cut by feathering the hair along the hairline, adding a touch of subtlety and grace.

Buzz With Subtle Highlighted Tips

buzz with subtle highlighted tips

This style infuses a dash of flair by accentuating a traditional buzz cut with delicate, lightened tips, adding a subtle yet striking variation in color.

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