15 Burst Fade Dreads Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how the burst fade haircut can brilliantly transition into the bold statement of dreads, offering you a sharp and modern look.

Classic Burst Fade With Medium-Length Dreads

classic burst fade with medium length dreads

Perfect for those craving a balance between edgy and manageable, this style marries the sleekness of a burst fade to the versatility of medium-length dreads. The fade begins around the ear and curves to the nape, emphasizing the volume and flow of the dreadlocks. It’s a trendy look that highlights facial features while keeping the flair of dreads on full display.

High-Top Dreads With Low Burst Fade

high top dreads with low burst fade

Opting for high-top dreads combined with a low burst fade creates a sharp contrast that accentuates the silhouette of the dreadlocks. This style offers a clean, graduated blend at the temples that seamlessly transitions to the skin, providing a modern edge to the timeless appeal of dreads. The juxtaposition of the voluminous dreads on top and the close-cropped sides complements various face shapes, enhancing the overall look.

Burst Fade Mohawk With Dreads

burst fade mohawk with dreads

Merging the audacious edge of a mohawk with the cultural richness of dreads, this style proudly displays a central strip of dreadlocks flanked by skin-faded sides that taper into a burst pattern around the ears. It’s a dynamic choice for those seeking a statement look that brings together the best of both worlds – the rebellious spirit of the mohawk and the heritage of dreadlocks. Ideal for individuals with a daring fashion sense, it offers a canvas for contrast by playing with dreadlock length and fade intensity.

Short Dreads With Skin Burst Fade

short dreads with skin burst fade

Combining short dreads with a skin burst fade offers a sharp contrast that accentuates facial features. This style is particularly striking as the skin fade creates a clean, curved arch around the ear, seamlessly blending into the scalp. It’s an edgy, maintenance-friendly choice that highlights the artistry of dreadlocks with a modern twist.

Blonde Tip Dreads With Burst Fade

blonde tip dreads with burst fade

Incorporating a burst fade with blonde-tipped dreads offers a striking contrast that accentuates the hairstyle’s texture and dimension. The gradient of the fade brings focus to the vibrant tips, creating a modern twist on classic dreadlocks. This style marries the edginess of the burst fade with the playful flair of blonde ends, making it a trendy choice for those looking to stand out.

Long Dreadlocks With Subtle Burst Fade

long dreadlocks with subtle burst fade

Embracing the drama of length without the stark contrasts, the subtle burst fade adds a gentle taper around the ears and neckline, highlighting long, flowing locks. This variant offers a more understated transition, making it ideal for those seeking a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. The look maintains the dreadlock’s integrity while introducing a clean, refined edge, perfect for both casual and professional settings.

Dyed Dreads With Burst Taper Fade

dyed dreads with burst taper fade

Incorporating vibrant hues into your dreadlocks adds a playful twist to the burst fade’s edginess. As the taper fade wraps around the ear, the pop of color in the dreads becomes more pronounced, making it a statement look. This style beautifully balances boldness and sophistication, offering a unique aesthetic that stands out in any crowd.

Thick Dreads With Sharp Burst Fade

thick dreads with sharp burst fade

Opting for thick dreads combined with a sharp burst fade creates a powerful contrast that accentuates the hair’s volume and texture. This style frames the face with precision, drawing attention upward and highlighting the dreadlocks’ structure. It’s an audacious choice that communicates confidence and a modern edge.

Side-Parted Dreads With Burst Fade

side parted dreads with burst fade

Side-parted dreads complement the burst fade by adding a clean, structured look to an otherwise freeform style. This combination balances the volume of the dreads with a well-blended fade that accentuates the crown. Embracing a side part with the burst fade creates an intentional focal point and offers a modern twist to traditional dreadlock styles.

Dreadlock Bun With Burst Fade

dreadlock bun with burst fade

A dreadlock bun paired with a burst fade seamlessly blends edginess with sophistication. The hairstyle accentuates the contrast between the neatly faded sides and the gathered dreads atop. This style is particularly striking for those who desire a professional yet modern look that commands attention.

Undercut Dreads With Burst Fade Design

undercut dreads with burst fade design

Undercut dreads paired with a burst fade offer a striking contrast, accentuating the dreadlocks by giving them a distinctive visual platform. The design component in the fade allows for personalization, incorporating patterns or shapes shaved into the undercut for an artistic twist. This style variation is perfect for those seeking to stand out with a bold, edgy look that frames their face with clean lines and showcases their dreads with creative flair.

Twisted Dreads With Clean Burst Fade

twisted dreads with clean burst fade

Twisted dreads offer a polished, defined look that stands out against the gradual fading of the hair at the sides. The clean burst fade emphasizes the twists by providing a contrast between the sharp, faded hairline and the textured dreadlocks. This style is a contemporary take on traditional dreadlocks, showcasing precision in the fade and artistry in the twists.

Freeform Dreads With Natural Burst Fade

freeform dreads with natural burst fade

Freeform dreads represent an organic approach to dreadlocks, allowing hair to naturally mat and take shape over time. When paired with a natural burst fade, the juxtaposition creates a rugged yet refined look, where the hair seamlessly transitions from the textured edges to the voluminous locks. This combination honors the hair’s innate patterns while framing the face with a contemporary barbering technique.

Crochet Dreads With Soft Burst Fade

crochet dreads with soft burst fade

Incorporating a soft burst fade into crochet dreads offers a contrast that accentuates the intricacy of the crocheted style. This marriage of texture and taper gives a modern twist to traditional dreadlocks, providing a neat, yet edgy aesthetic. It’s an ideal choice for those aiming for a sophisticated look that maintains the essence of their dreadlocks.

Temporal Burst Fade With Dreadlocks

temporal burst fade with dreadlocks

Embrace the edge of asymmetry with the temporal burst fade, spotlighting just one side for a unique twist to traditional dreads styling. This cut keeps the volume and length you love in your locks, while introducing a clean, curved gradient above the ear for a modern, dynamic look. It articulates individual style and serves as a statement piece that commands attention without overwhelming the natural appeal of your dreadlocks.

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