15 Burst Fade Locs Styles to Inspire Your Next Hairdo

Discover how burst fade locs can transform your hairstyle with fresh and stylish concepts that blend tradition with modern flair.

Honey Blonde Tips Burst Fade Locs

honey blonde tips burst fade locs

Adding honey blonde tips to your burst fade locs creates a sun-kissed effect, which adds warmth and dimension to your hairstyle.

Ombre Dyed Burst Fade Locs

ombre dyed burst fade locs

Opt for a gradient effect on your locs with ombre dying techniques that blend smoothly into your burst fade, offering a sun-kissed contrast between your roots and tips.

Side-Swept Burst Fade Locs

side swept burst fade locs

Side-swept locs gracefully defy gravity while the burst fade brings a sharp, clean contrast that frames the face in a dynamic fashion.

Two-Tone Color Mix Burst Fade Locs

two tone color mix burst fade locs

Embrace the contrast; two-tone locs marry boldness with subtlety in a gradient that fades into a clean, buzzed burst fade, offering a striking balance between edge and elegance.

Intricate Undercut Designs With Burst Fade Locs

intricate undercut designs with burst fade locs

Adding a personalized touch, the intricate undercut provides a striking contrast to the voluminous burst fade locs, showcasing artistry in every etched line.

Zigzag Parting Burst Fade Locs

zigzag parting burst fade locs

A refined edge to the conventional parting, the zigzag approach interplays with the geometric aesthetic, amplifying the burst fade’s striking visual impact.

Fishbone Pattern Burst Fade Locs

fishbone pattern burst fade locs

Fishbone Pattern Burst Fade Locs add an edge to the classic loc look, interweaving your strands into a striking, angular design that pops with a gradient shave around the ears.

Half-Moon Parting Burst Fade Locs

half moon parting burst fade locs

A half-moon parting adds a creative crescent twist, seamlessly fusing with the burst fade for a distinguished silhouette.

High-Top Burst Fade Locs

high top burst fade locs

Elevate your style with a skyscraping crescendo of locs, blending seamlessly into a smooth burst fade that contours the head for a sharp, defined silhouette.

Burst Fade Locs With Beaded Accents

burst fade locs with beaded accents

Incorporating beaded accents into burst fade locs adds a playful and artistic dimension to this edgy hairstyle.

Metallic Thread Wrapped Burst Fade Locs

metallic thread wrapped burst fade locs

Adding metallic threads to your locs introduces a subtle shimmer, elevating the overall style with a touch of glamour.

Deep Red Hue Burst Fade Locs

deep red hue burst fade locs

Embrace a bold statement with the deep crimson shades seamlessly blending into the burst fade, infusing locs with drama and intensity that stands out in any crowd.

Asymmetrical Length Burst Fade Locs

asymmetrical length burst fade locs

Embracing an off-kilter vibe, asymmetrical length locs paired with a burst fade deliver an edgy, contemporary twist to traditional dreadlock styles.

Soft Curls Ends Burst Fade Locs

soft curls ends burst fade locs

Adding a touch of femininity to the edgy burst fade, soft curls at the ends of locs create an elegant contrast and a playful bounce.

Razor Line Detailing Burst Fade Locs

razor line detailing burst fade locs

Sharp, precise razor lines add definition and modern flair to burst fade locs, giving them an edgy, geometrical finish.

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