15 Burst Fade Pompadour Styles to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Discover how a burst fade can add a modern twist to the classic pompadour, giving you a sharp look that stands out.

Classic Burst Fade With a Slick, Voluminous Pompadour

classic burst fade with a slick voluminous pompadour

The classic burst fade elevates the pomp’s signature volume, creating a seamless transition from a refined silhouette to skin.

Textured Pompadour With a Skin-tight Burst Fade

textured pompadour with a skin tight burst fade

Effortlessly blending suave and edgy, this hairstyle pairs noticeable texture on top with a crisp fade that hugs the skin, offering a sharp contrast that’s bound to turn heads.

Asymmetric Pompadour With an Edgy Burst Fade

asymmetric pompadour with an edgy burst fade

The asymmetry of this cut lends a rebellious twist, with the burst fade adding sharp contrast for a standout profile.

Burst Fade With a Tousled, Matte-finish Pompadour

burst fade with a tousled matte finish pompadour

Perfect for adding texture and modern flair, this style combines the carefree vibe of a tousled top with the stark contrast of a matte pompadour, balanced by a subtle fade.

High Burst Fade Blended Into a Curly Pompadour Top

high burst fade blended into a curly pompadour top

Embrace your curls by seamlessly merging a daring high fade into a richly textured pompadour, creating a striking silhouette that oozes sophistication with an edge.

Pompadour With a Hard Part and a Razor-sharp Burst Fade

pompadour with a hard part and a razor sharp burst fade

This style marries precision and flair, featuring the clean-cut distinction of a hard part coupled with the sharp descent of a burst fade, producing an edgy yet polished appearance.

Wavy Pompadour With a Subtle Burst Fade Transition

wavy pompadour with a subtle burst fade transition

For those with natural waves, this style softens the burst fade, allowing for a seamless gradation that complements the hair’s texture.

Burst Fade With a Pompadour and a Sculpted Beard Design

burst fade with a pompadour and a sculpted beard design

This style harmonizes the sharp contrasts of a burst fade with the artistry of a sculpted beard, creating a head-turning partnership of hair and facial grooming.

Burst Fade Connected to a High-contrast Pompadour

burst fade connected to a high contrast pompadour

The high-contrast pompadour elevates the dynamic burst fade, creating a bold statement that marries precision with volume.

Mini Pompadour With a Low Burst Fade for a More Understated Look

mini pompadour with a low burst fade for a more understated look

This style offers a toned-down twist to the classic pompadour, combining subtle volume on top with a graceful fade at the sides for a refined appearance.

Disconnected Pompadour With a Bold Burst Fade Undercut

disconnected pompadour with a bold burst fade undercut

The stark contrast between the voluminous top and the sharply trimmed sides exemplifies a bold statement in hairstyling, merging classic poise with contemporary audacity.

Burst Fade Pompadour With a Tattoo Hair Design On the Sides

burst fade pompadour with a tattoo hair design on the sides

Adding a tattoo hair design to the sides of a burst fade pompadour injects a dose of personal flair, marrying intricate artistry with classic style elevation.

Pompadour With a Burst Fade and an Integrated Side-swept Fringe

pompadour with a burst fade and an integrated side swept fringe

This hairstyle blends the voluminous flair of the pompadour with the clean lines of a burst fade, softened by a side-swept fringe for a dynamic finish.

Rainbow-colored Pompadour Atop a Clean Burst Fade

rainbow colored pompadour atop a clean burst fade

Inject a dash of whimsy into your look with vibrant hues soaring above a impeccably crafted burst fade.

Vintage-inspired Pompadour With a Modern Burst Fade Twist

vintage inspired pompadour with a modern burst fade twist

Blending old-school charm with contemporary edginess, this hairstyle marries a timeless pompadour silhouette with a fresh burst fade that adds an air of current sophistication.

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