15 Burst Fade Slick Back Hairstyles for a Trendy Look

Discover how the burst fade slick back hairstyle merges classic sophistication with modern edge for a standout look.

Definition of Burst Fade Slick Back Haircut

definition of burst fade slick back haircut

The burst fade slick back merges a gradual fade around the ears with a sharp, combed-back top. It’s a modern twist on classic grooming, blending a standout, circular fade with slick sophistication.

This style creates a neat contour, showcasing precision and blending skills.

How to Style a Burst Fade Slick Back

how to style a burst fade slick back

To achieve the sleek finish, use a pomade or gel with strong hold applied evenly throughout damp hair. Comb the hair straight back, letting the natural volume and texture at the crown flow smoothly into the tapered burst fade on the sides.

For added definition and sheen, a final touch with a wide-toothed comb can help accentuate the slicked-back look while preserving the gradation of the fade.

Best Hair Products for Maintaining a Slick Back With Burst Fade

best hair products for maintaining a slick back with burst fade

High-hold pomades provide the necessary grip to keep your slick back smooth throughout the day, essential for holding that burst fade in place.

Matte clay or wax can add texture to the top layer for a more pronounced contrast with the fade.

Lightweight, non-greasy hair serums help manage frizz to maintain the sleek appearance of the hairstyle.

The History and Evolution of the Burst Fade Slick Back

the history and evolution of the burst fade slick back

Originating in barbershops that catered to diverse clientele, the burst fade slick back gained popularity as a stylish blend of classic and modern hair trends. This hairstyle has evolved through the decades, with variations adapting to cultural shifts and artistic expression.

Today, it represents a fusion of sharp edginess and sleek sophistication, often seen in the fashion-forward circles and among trendsetting celebrities.

Tips for Communicating With Your Barber About This Haircut

tips for communicating with your barber about this haircut

Bring photos of the burst fade slick back to ensure clarity on the desired outcome.

Speak about the specific length and gradient you prefer, as this affects the burst fade’s impact.

Ask your barber for advice on how the style will work with your hair type and face shape to achieve optimal results.

Variations of the Burst Fade Slick Back for Different Hair Types

variations of the burst fade slick back for different hair types

Curly-haired individuals can embrace a textured top with a clean burst fade for a contrast in textures, giving the style a modern twist.

Straight hair offers a sleek, sharp look when combed back, making the fade stand out with its precise gradient.

For those with wavy hair, the slick back allows for natural volume and movement, which balances the edginess of the fade with a softer, more casual finish.

How to Maintain the Burst Fade Slick Back At Home

how to maintain the burst fade slick back at home

Use a high-quality pomade or wax to keep the slick back portion of your hair in place, ensuring it stays sleek throughout the day.

Regularly wash and condition your hair to maintain the health and manageability of the style, preventing it from becoming greasy or unruly.

Invest in a boar bristle brush or fine-toothed comb for daily grooming that maintains the definition and cleanliness of the burst fade contours.

The Best Face Shapes for a Burst Fade Slick Back

the best face shapes for a burst fade slick back

Oval and diamond face shapes excel with a burst fade slick back, as the cut accentuates their symmetrical features.

Those with round faces may find the burst fade’s tapering effect lends a slimming appearance to the cheeks.

However, individuals with square jawlines should approach this style with caution, as it can overly highlight the angularity of their face.

Celebrities Who Have Rocked the Burst Fade Slick Back

celebrities who have rocked the burst fade slick back

David Beckham’s interpretation of the burst fade slick back added a touch of suave to his already polished image, inspiring many to try the trend.

Zayn Malik’s edgy take on the style, often featuring stark contrasts in length, has captured the attention of a younger, fashion-forward crowd.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt’s adoption of the look in various public appearances showcases its versatility and timeless appeal amongst men of all ages.

The Difference Between a Burst Fade Slick Back and Other Slick Back Styles

the difference between a burst fade slick back and other slick back styles

The burst fade slick back differs in its tapering technique, which creates a more pronounced, semi-circular fade around the ear that blends into the neckline. While traditional slick backs typically feature a uniform fade or undercut, the burst fade incorporates a gradient that offers a more distinctive, modern look.

This style provides an edge of flair and boldness that sets it apart from classic slick back variations.

The Average Cost of Getting a Burst Fade Slick Back At a Salon

the average cost of getting a burst fade slick back at a salon

Prices for this trendy cut vary, starting at around $20 in a standard barbershop to over $50 in upscale salons. Additional services like shampooing or styling products can increase the total cost. Location and the experience level of the stylist also play significant roles in determining the price.

How Often You Should Get a Trim to Maintain the Burst Fade Slick Back

how often you should get a trim to maintain the burst fade slick back

To keep the burst fade in optimal shape, a trim should be scheduled every three to four weeks. Regular maintenance ensures the gradients remain sharp and the structure of the hairstyle intact.

Neglecting timely touch-ups can result in a loss of the burst fade’s distinctive contours and overall style cohesiveness.

DIY Guide to Achieving a Burst Fade Slick Back

diy guide to achieving a burst fade slick back

Trying the burst fade slick back at home requires precision and the right tools—hair clippers, guards, and a mirror setup to see all angles.

Familiarizing oneself with clipper guard sizes and blending techniques is essential before attempting this intricate fade.

For a polished finish, use a comb to maintain control of the hair while slicking back to merge seamlessly with the faded sides.

Potential Challenges and Solutions When Growing Out a Burst Fade Slick Back

potential challenges and solutions when growing out a burst fade slick back

During the growth phase, the fade can lose its sharpness, leading to a less defined hairstyle that requires strategic trimming to look intentional.

Using headbands or styling products can help to manage the increased length and maintain a neat appearance.

Regular touch-ups by a professional can smoothly blend the growing sections with the faded areas, ensuring a cohesive look throughout the process.

How to Transition From a Burst Fade Slick Back to Another Hairstyle

how to transition from a burst fade slick back to another hairstyle

Gradually allow the sides of your hair to grow out to blend into the new style without harsh demarcations. Discuss with your stylist about adjusting the length on top for a more balanced transition compatible with your desired look.

Introduce subtle changes, such as varying the hair’s texture or adding layers, to evolve the style over time seamlessly.

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