15 Burst Fade Thick Hair Styles to Transform Your Look

Unlock the sleek sophistication of a burst fade for your thick mane with these style-forward concepts and tips.

Textured Top With Skin Burst Fade

textured top with skin burst fade

Marrying the edginess of a skin fade to the unruliness of thick, textured strands achieves a contrast that’s both dynamic and fashion-forward.

Side Part With Burst Fade

side part with burst fade

A side part with a burst fade adds a polished edge to thick hair, seamlessly blending a classic style with a modern twist.

Pompadour With Burst Fade

pompadour with burst fade

Opting for a pompadour paired with a burst fade offers a modern twist, creating a stunning contrast between the voluminous top and the neatly faded sides.

Curly Afro With Burst Taper Fade

curly afro with burst taper fade

Embrace your curls by coupling them with a burst taper fade that artfully creates a seamless gradient from the sides to the voluminous, curly crown.

Faux Hawk With Burst Fade

faux hawk with burst fade

Adding a burst fade to a faux hawk creates a striking contrast, accentuating the edginess and volume of the style.

Slicked Back With Burst Fade Undercut

slicked back with burst fade undercut

A slicked back burst fade blends vintage suavity with modern edge, where the hair gradually disappears behind the ears for a sleek, sharp look.

Mohawk With Burst Fade

mohawk with burst fade

A Mohawk with burst fade creates a striking contrast, accentuating the rebellious peak by gradually blending the hair into the skin around the ears.

Burst Fade With Hard Part

burst fade with hard part

A burst fade complemented by a hard part distinguishes itself by adding a razor-sharp line that elevates the contrast and gives a crisp, edgy look to the overall style.

Quiff With Burst Fade

quiff with burst fade

A burst fade quiff marries the voluminous flair of a classic quiff with the edgy gradient of a burst fade, sculpting a stylish statement that balances boldness with refinement.

Thick Fringe With Burst Fade

thick fringe with burst fade

A thick fringe paired with a burst fade creates a compelling contrast, spotlighting the hair’s volume while tapering sharply down the sides for a polished finish.

Comb Over With Burst Fade

comb over with burst fade

The comb-over burst fade offers a suave, polished look that transitions smoothly from thick hair on top to a skin fade at the ear line.

Burst Fade With Design Lines

burst fade with design lines

Incorporating design lines into a burst fade adds a splash of creativity, giving a personalized edge to this already dynamic look.

High Top With Burst Fade

high top with burst fade

Elevate your style with a high top that gradually melts into a smooth burst fade, offering a striking contrast that emphasizes the volume above.

Messy Bun With Burst Fade Sides

messy bun with burst fade sides

A burst fade on the sides gives a sharp contrast to the casual disarray of a messy bun, balancing edginess with ease.

Flat Top With Burst Fade

flat top with burst fade

The flat top with burst fade merges precision with flair, offering a striking juxtaposition of structured height on top and graduated sides for those with thick locks.

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