15 Buzz Cut and Mustache Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover stylish buzz cut and mustache combinations to refresh your look.

Classic Marine Buzz: High and Tight Buzz Cut With a Well-defined Chevron Mustache

classic marine buzz high and tight buzz cut with a well defined chevron mustache

This style exudes disciplined charm, combining a precise buzz cut with a distinct chevron mustache to emphasize a sharp, masculine look.

Urban Chic: Zero Fade Buzz Cut Paired With a Pencil-thin Mustache

urban chic zero fade buzz cut paired with a pencil thin mustache

This combination offers a sleek, modern look that accentuates sharp features and exudes sophistication.

The Hipster: Buzz Cut With a Handlebar Mustache for a Vintage Feel

the hipster buzz cut with a handlebar mustache for a vintage feel

This style combines sharp simplicity with old-school charm to project a bold yet nostalgic aura.

Outback Rugged: Slightly Longer Buzz Cut With a Full, Bushy Mustache

outback rugged slightly longer buzz cut with a full bushy mustache

This style conjures the essence of rugged charm, perfect for those who appreciate a more natural, untamed look.

Minimalist Style: Near-shaven Head With a Short, Neat Mustache

minimalist style near shaven head with a short neat mustache

This style offers a refined, clean look that pairs a nearly bald head with a trim, understated mustache for effortless maintenance and a sharp appearance.

Retro Charm: Buzz Cut With a Classic 70s Horseshoe Mustache

retro charm buzz cut with a classic 70s horseshoe mustache

Channel a bit of nostalgia with this seventies-inspired style, where the bold horseshoe mustache complements a straightforward buzz cut, ideal for those who appreciate a touch of vintage flair.

Creative Contrast: #1 Buzz Cut Paired With a Thick, Walrus Mustache

creative contrast 1 buzz cut paired with a thick walrus mustache

This bold combination offers striking visual balance, setting a sharp buzz against the robust volume of a walrus mustache.

Salt and Pepper: Naturally Grey Buzz Cut and Mustache for an Elegant Mature Look

salt and pepper naturally grey buzz cut and mustache for an elegant mature look

This style celebrates natural aging with a distinguished blend of grey tones, offering a sophisticated and graceful look.

The Gentleman: Polished Buzz Cut With a Meticulously Groomed Dali Mustache

the gentleman polished buzz cut with a meticulously groomed dali mustache

This dapper combination elevates sophistication, balancing a sleek head with a whimsical twist above the lip.

Military Sharp: Regulation Cut With a Precise, Slim Military Mustache

military sharp regulation cut with a precise slim military mustache

This style exudes discipline, combining a neat buzz cut with a sharp, narrow mustache, typically seen in military personnel.

Avant-Garde: Buzz With an Unusually Shaped Artistic Mustache

avant garde buzz with an unusually shaped artistic mustache

This style merges a straightforward buzz cut with a creatively sculpted mustache, perfect for those aiming to express their artistic flair.

The Boxer: Close Buzz Cut With a Rugged, Stubble Mustache for a Tough Look

the boxer close buzz cut with a rugged stubble mustache for a tough look

Perfect for projecting a no-nonsense, formidable persona, this combination plays up the masculine edge.

Zen Master: Smooth Buzz Cut With a Long, Wispy Fu Manchu Mustache

zen master smooth buzz cut with a long wispy fu manchu mustache

This style combines sleek simplicity with a dash of mystical flair, perfect for those embracing a serene yet distinctive look.

New Age: Buzz Cut With a Twirling Imperial Mustache

new age buzz cut with a twirling imperial mustache

This style merges a simple, clean buzz cut with the dramatic flair of a sculpted imperial mustache, perfect for expressing a bold, artistic persona.

The Detective: Buzz Cut With a Thick, Detective-style Mustache

the detective buzz cut with a thick detective style mustache

This style pairs a crisp, clean-cut buzz with a substantial, detective-inspired mustache for a look that commands authority and exudes old-school charm.

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