15 Buzz Cut with Mustache Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover stylish buzz cut and mustache combinations to refresh your look.

Classic Buzz With a Pencil-thin Mustache

classic buzz with a pencil thin mustache

This style combines the clean simplicity of a buzz cut with the refined, vintage accent of a pencil-thin mustache.

Induction Cut Paired With a Handlebar Mustache

induction cut paired with a handlebar mustache

A clean-shaven induction cut sets a bold stage for the whimsical curves of a handlebar mustache, creating a stark contrast that commands attention.

Fade Buzz Cut With a Horseshoe Mustache

fade buzz cut with a horseshoe mustache

This style combines the sharpness of a gradual fade at the sides with the bold, distinctive shape of a horseshoe mustache for a dynamic, rugged look.

High and Tight Buzz Cut With a Chevron Mustache

high and tight buzz cut with a chevron mustache

This style marries the sharp, clean lines of a high and tight buzz cut with the distinguished appeal of a thick, neat chevron mustache, enhancing facial features with a bold, masculine look.

Buzz Cut With a Sculpted Dali Mustache

buzz cut with a sculpted dali mustache

This bold pairing combines the minimalistic buzz cut with a flamboyant Dali mustache, achieving a striking contrast that captures attention.

Crew Cut Buzz With a Walrus Mustache

crew cut buzz with a walrus mustache

This style combines the clean simplicity of a crew cut with the bold, full volume of a walrus mustache for a striking contrast.

Razor Buzz With a Petite Handlebar Mustache

razor buzz with a petite handlebar mustache

This style combines the clean simplicity of a razor-shaved head with the whimsical charm of a small, carefully shaped handlebar mustache.

Buzz Cut With a Full, Neatly Trimmed Mustache

buzz cut with a full neatly trimmed mustache

This style combines a clean, uniform buzz cut with a thick, carefully shaped mustache for a polished, harmonious look.

Textured Top Buzz Cut With a Fu Manchu Mustache

textured top buzz cut with a fu manchu mustache

This style combines a dynamic textured buzz on top with the distinctive, long, downward-pointing Fu Manchu mustache, creating a bold statement.

Buzz Cut With a Connected Mustache and Beard

buzz cut with a connected mustache and beard

This style bridges facial and head hair for a seamless, rugged look.

Butch Cut With a Thick, Brushed-up Mustache

butch cut with a thick brushed up mustache

This style combines a fuller, slightly longer buzz cut with a dense, upward-brushed mustache, offering a striking balance of ruggedness and polished charm.

Skin Fade Buzz With an Imperial Mustache

skin fade buzz with an imperial mustache

The skin fade buzz cut creates a stark, clean contrast, enhanced by the regal flair of an imperial mustache for a bold statement.

Number 3 Buzz Cut With a Lampshade Mustache

number 3 buzz cut with a lampshade mustache

A Number 3 buzz cut paired with a lampshade mustache offers a balanced blend of understated style and retro flair.

Zero Buzz Cut With a Van Dyke Mustache

zero buzz cut with a van dyke mustache

This bold combination pairs an ultra-short haircut with a distinguished, pointed mustache and a small, neat goatee for an edgy yet refined look.

Buzz Cut With a Twisted Mustache Tips

buzz cut with a twisted mustache tips

This style blends a sleek, sharp buzz cut with whimsically twisted mustache tips for a playful yet edgy look.

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