15 Buzz Cut Medium Length Ideas for a Fresh Look

Discover versatile ways to style a buzz cut for medium length hair and keep your look fresh and striking.

Textured Buzz With Fade

textured buzz with fade

This style combines close-cropped sides that gradually fade into a slightly longer, textured top, offering a modern, low-maintenance look that adds a dash of sophistication.

Buzz Cut With Hard Part

buzz cut with hard part

A precise, shaved line adds a striking contrast to this close-cropped style, emphasizing sharpness and cleanliness in the overall look.

Buzz and Brushed Eyebrows

buzz and brushed eyebrows

This style combines a neat buzz cut with prominently groomed eyebrows to frame your face and enhance your features.

Disconnected Buzz With Beard

disconnected buzz with beard

This style combines a sharp, clean buzz cut with an unblended, rugged beard, creating a striking contrast that emphasizes masculine features.

Buzz Cut With Etched Design

buzz cut with etched design

This style elevates the classic buzz by incorporating artistic, shaved designs that add a dramatic flair to an otherwise simple cut.

Two-Tone Buzz Cut

two tone buzz cut

The Two-Tone Buzz Cut adds a splash of color by combining distinct shades for a bold contrast.

Buzz Cut With Extended Crown

buzz cut with extended crown

This style retains slightly longer hair at the top of the head while the sides are closely trimmed, adding a touch of volume and shape to the traditional buzz.

Graded Fade Buzz Cut

graded fade buzz cut

This style blends shorter hair at the neckline into gradually longer lengths upwards, creating a seamless transition that adds depth to the classic buzz cut.

Buzz With Sideburn Taper

buzz with sideburn taper

This style merges the simplicity of a buzz cut with elegantly tapered sideburns, offering a sleek transition from hair to facial features.

Mohawk Buzz Cut

mohawk buzz cut

The Mohawk Buzz Cut combines traditional buzzed sides with a striking strip of longer hair at the top, giving a bold and edgy appearance.

Buzz Cut With Freestyle Lines

buzz cut with freestyle lines

This style incorporates creative, freehand shaved lines into the short hair, adding a dynamic and artistic flair to the traditional buzz cut.

Buzz With Defined Widow’s Peak

buzz with defined widows peak

This style accentuates the natural V-shape at the hairline, giving your look a sharp, edgy contour.

Camouflage Pattern Buzz Cut

camouflage pattern buzz cut

A camouflage pattern buzz cut incorporates varying shades and shapes, mimicking military-style camo for a bold, statement look.

Buzz Cut With Shaved Slits

buzz cut with shaved slits

This style elevates a classic buzz by incorporating sleek, shaved lines for an edgy, modern twist.

Buzz Cut With Subtle Pompadour

buzz cut with subtle pompadour

This style modernizes the classic buzz by adding a small, swept-up pompadour at the front for a touch of retro flair.

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