15 Number 3 Buzz Cut Styles to Transform Your Look

Discover fresh styles and learn how a number three buzz cut can elevate your look with minimal effort.

Classic All-over #3 Buzz

classic all over 3 buzz

This style offers a uniform length across the head for a clean, balanced look.

Buzz With a Faded Beard

buzz with a faded beard

Integrating a faded beard with a #3 buzz cut creates a cohesive, polished look that enhances facial features by creating a smooth transition from hair to beard.

High Fade With a #3 Top

high fade with a 3 top

The high fade gradually blends into the uniform length of a #3 cut across the top, offering a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Buzz With Sharp Hairline

buzz with sharp hairline

This style emphasizes a precise and clean hairline that frames the face, enhancing the sharpness of the overall cut.

#3 Buzz With Side Part Etching

3 buzz with side part etching

This style incorporates a clean, etched side part to add a dapper edge to the straightforward buzz.

Buzz With a Razor Line

buzz with a razor line

This style incorporates a precise, shaved line to add a crisp, edgy detail to the standard buzz.

Taper Fade With a #3 Buzz

taper fade with a 3 buzz

The taper fade with a #3 buzz marries gradual sleekness at the sides to a uniform, manageable length on top, offering a clean, modern silhouette.

Buzz With Temple Fade

buzz with temple fade

This style softens the transition between the short buzzed hair and your natural hairline with a subtle fade at the temples.

Buzz With Defined Widow’s Peak

buzz with defined widows peak

This style accentuates the natural V-shape at the forehead, giving a striking frame to the face.

Mohawk-style #3 Buzz

mohawk style 3 buzz

This style combines the simplicity of a #3 buzz cut with the boldness of a Mohawk, keeping the central strip of hair slightly longer for a striking contrast.

Buzz With Blended Sideburn Fade

buzz with blended sideburn fade

This style seamlessly transitions the sideburns into the buzz cut, creating a smooth, cohesive look that enhances facial features.

Two-tone Buzz, #3 On Top, Darker Sides

two tone buzz 3 on top darker sides

This style contrasts a lighter #3 clip on top with significantly darker sides, creating a bold, eye-catching distinction.

Buzz With Nape Design

buzz with nape design

This style introduces an artistic touch by incorporating patterns or symbols shaved into the nape area, adding a creative flair to the traditional buzz cut.

Stubble Head With #3 Buzz Highlights

stubble head with 3 buzz highlights

This style subtly enhances texture by blending stubble-length hair with #3 cut highlights, offering a subtle contrast and dimensional look.

V-shaped Nape Buzz With #3

v shaped nape buzz with 3

This style carves a V-shaped pattern at the nape, adding an edgy twist to the traditional buzz cut.

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