15 Curly Mullet Fade Ideas to Refresh Your Style

Discover the modern twist on the classic mullet with the curly mullet fade, a versatile and edgy hairstyle that brings together vintage appeal and contemporary flair.

Classic Curly Mullet With a High Skin Fade

classic curly mullet with a high skin fade

The fusion of tight curls at the top that transition into shorter lengths towards the bottom encapsulates the essence of this hairstyle.

The high skin fade creates a stark contrast, emphasizing the volume and free-spiritedness of the curls up top.

This blend offers a daring yet polished look that stands out in a crowd.

Modern Curly Mullet With a Low Taper Fade

modern curly mullet with a low taper fade

The low taper fade seamlessly blends the hair from the temples down to the nape, anchoring the contrast between the voluminous curls on top and the neat, short sides. This modern twist on the mullet is ideal for those seeking a polished yet edgy style.

It offers the perfect balance for curly-haired individuals looking to maintain length and texture while presenting a clean-cut appearance.

Curly Mullet With a Disconnected Undercut

curly mullet with a disconnected undercut

Embracing the edge of contrast, the disconnected undercut pairs dramatically with the free-flowing curls on top, creating a striking profile.

This daring blend marries the softness of curls with the clean, bold lines of the undercut, showcasing a modern twist on the mullet’s classic silhouette.

It’s a style that statement-makers will appreciate for its audacious detachment between the textured crown and the bare sides.

Short Curly Mullet With a Mid-fade

short curly mullet with a mid fade

The short curly mullet paired with a mid-fade strikes a balance between edgy and manageable, giving the classic style a contemporary twist.

This version emphasizes natural curls on top while the mid-fade offers a gradual transition that is both stylish and clean-cut.

It’s an excellent choice for those looking to maintain some length up top without the full commitment of a longer mullet.

Long Curly Mullet With a Gentle Fade

long curly mullet with a gentle fade

This style preserves the natural volume of longer curls while incorporating a subtle fade to keep the edges neat.

It offers a softer transition between the distinct lengths, creating a harmonious blend that’s both bold and understated.

Perfect for those seeking to maintain curly length at the back with a contemporary, clean-cut finish around the sides.

Curly Mullet With a Hard Part and Bald Fade

curly mullet with a hard part and bald fade

This style elevates the contrast between the textured curls on top and the skin-tight sides, thanks to the precise hard part that adds an extra edge. It’s a bold choice that marries the rebellious spirit of a mullet with the clean, sharp aesthetics of a bald fade.

Perfect for those who want to make a statement, it showcases individuality with a modern twist on classic retro vibes.

Curly Mullet With a Fade and Design Lines

curly mullet with a fade and design lines

Incorporating design lines into the curly mullet fade transforms the hairstyle into a bold statement of individuality.

These etched lines add an artistic flair, elevating the traditional fade to a new level of customization.

The juxtaposition of intricate patterns against the natural texture of curls captivates attention, making it a standout choice for those wanting to showcase their personality through their hair.

Frosted Tips Curly Mullet With a Skin Fade

frosted tips curly mullet with a skin fade

Embrace a bold statement by blending the edginess of a skin fade with the retro flair of a curly mullet topped with frosted tips.

The style pays homage to ’90s nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary sharpness along the sides and back, offering a distinctive contrast in textures and colors.

It’s an audacious look that’s sure to turn heads and showcase a playful yet fierce personality.

Curly Mullet With a Fade and Beard Blend

curly mullet with a fade and beard blend

This style harmoniously marries the textures of a curly mullet with the ruggedness of a well-groomed beard, establishing a seamless transition through expert blending. The fade acts as a balancing element, bringing a clean, contemporary edge that accentuates both hair and facial features.

Ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement, it offers a cohesive look that’s both fashion-forward and masculine.

Asymmetrical Curly Mullet With a Unique Fade

asymmetrical curly mullet with a unique fade

The asymmetrical curly mullet combines unbalanced lengths for a bold, avant-garde look. With a unique fade that can vary in intensity and shape, it adds an edgy twist to the traditional silhouette. This style makes a statement with its deliberate departure from symmetry, offering a fresh perspective on texture and contrast.

Wavy Curly Mullet With a Soft Drop Fade

wavy curly mullet with a soft drop fade

The wavy curly mullet with a soft drop fade offers a seamless transition from the textured waves on top to the shorter sides, maintaining volume while achieving a contemporary profile. This style is ideal for those seeking a less dramatic contrast in their fade yet wanting to keep the playful spirit of the mullet alive.

It balances the boldness of the mullet with subtlety, accommodating professional environments without sacrificing personality.

Curly Mullet With a Razor Fade for Sharpness

curly mullet with a razor fade for sharpness

A curly mullet paired with a razor fade offers an edgy contrast between voluminous curls and ultra-clean sides. The sharp lines of the razor enhance the mullet’s structure, adding a modern twist to the classic silhouette.

This combination is perfect for individuals seeking a bold statement that balances texture with precision.

Messy Curly Mullet With a Textured Fade

messy curly mullet with a textured fade

The messy curly mullet paired with a textured fade offers an edgy twist on a retro classic, infusing rebellious charm into the style.

This look embraces natural curl chaos atop a gradual fade, blending untamed spirit with clean-cut sides for contrast.

Ideal for those seeking a bold, yet low-maintenance hairstyle, it makes a statement without the need for constant styling.

Curly Mullet With a 360 Wave Fade

curly mullet with a 360 wave fade

The 360 wave fade adds a sleek, rhythmic pattern to the perimeter of a classic curly mullet, enhancing the overall texture.

This urban-inspired style merges the laid-back vibe of curls on top with the precision of meticulously crafted waves at the sides and back.

It’s a bold statement that combines the best of both worlds: the natural bounce of curly hair and the crisp clean lines of a wave fade.

Voluminous Curly Mullet With the Faded Nape

voluminous curly mullet with the faded nape

Embracing thick curls, this style amplifies volume on top while progressively thinning to a clean, faded nape, establishing a striking contrast.

The faded nape accentuates the curls’ natural bounce and texture, providing a sleek backdrop that enhances the mullet’s overall shape.

It’s a statement hairstyle that marries the boldness of a classic mullet with the refinement of contemporary fades.

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