15 De Paul Haircut Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover creative haircut inspirations based on the sleek and modern style of footballer Rodrigo de Paul.

Textured Quiff

textured quiff

Adding depth and movement, a Textured Quiff elevates the classic style with choppy layers for a modern twist.

Slicked Back Fade

slicked back fade

This style combines the elegance of smooth hair swept backward with the edginess of a gradual fade at the sides, delivering a polished yet bold look.

Angular Fringe

angular fringe

An angular fringe adds a bold, edgy twist, with forward-angled layers that create a striking contrast around the face.

Asymmetrical Undercut

asymmetrical undercut

The asymmetrical undercut boasts an edgy contrast, pairing longer hair on one side with a shorter, buzzed area on the other, making a bold style statement.

Voluminous Pompadour

voluminous pompadour

Elevate your style with the voluminous pompadour, which adds height and drama to your look, signaling confidence with its aerodynamic silhouette.

Brushed Up Top

brushed up top

Opt for a brushed-up style to add height and texture, creating an effortlessly chic look that plays with volume.

Curly Taper Fade

curly taper fade

The Curly Taper Fade blends tight side fades with expressive, natural curls on top, offering a harmonious contrast that elevates curly hair texture.

Sharp Caesar Cut

sharp caesar cut

A Sharp Caesar Cut revives a timeless style with straight, clean lines across the forehead for a polished and modern look.

Side Part Combover

side part combover

The Side Part Combover offers a polished look, perfect for exuding professionalism and classic style, striking a balance between formal and approachable.

Disconnected Undercut

disconnected undercut

The Disconnected Undercut features a striking contrast between long hair on top and very short sides, offering a bold statement and a touch of edginess.

Messy Crop Top

messy crop top

This laid-back style lends a carefree vibe with its tousled texture on top, perfect for those aiming for a relaxed yet trend-aware look.

Skin Fade With Hard Part

skin fade with hard part

The Skin Fade with Hard Part delivers a daring contrast, featuring smoothly shaved sides and a distinct line that adds edge to any style.

Classic Crew Cut

classic crew cut

The Classic Crew Cut embodies timeless sophistication with its short, uniform length and clean edges, a no-fuss choice for a polished appearance.

Modern Bowl Cut

modern bowl cut

A modern bowl cut blends retro flair with contemporary edginess for a look that rejuvenates the classic style with softer transitions and a more sculptured finish.

Spiky Hair With Fade

spiky hair with fade

Amp up the edge with a spiky hair on top that gradually fades into clean-shaven sides for a sharp contrast.

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