15 Different Types of Fades: Hairstyle Inspirations for Your Next Cut

Discover the diverse array of fade hairstyles that can elevate your look, from subtle tapers to bold skin fades.

High Taper Fade

high taper fade

Slicing through excess bulk, the High Taper Fade starts with a sizzling clipper cut near the top of the head, gradually blending into shorter, subtler sides.

Mid-Bald Fade

mid bald fade

Striking a balance between bold and traditional, the mid-bald fade starts halfway up the head, seamlessly blending into skin for a sharp, clean transition.

Low Skin Fade

low skin fade

Blending almost imperceptibly into the skin at the very bottom, a low skin fade offers a clean, sharp look while maintaining length on top.

Drop Fade

drop fade

The drop fade swoops down behind the ear, adding a sleek arc that gives a contour more drama and flow.

Scissor Fade

scissor fade

A scissor fade is a softer approach, leveraging shears over clippers to blend the hair gradually, offering a more nuanced transition from the longer top to the shorter sides.

Burst Fade

burst fade

The burst fade offers a halo effect around the ears, seamlessly blending into a longer hair length at the back.

Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade

Blending dramatic contrasts, the Mohawk fade combines shaved sides with a strip of longer hair atop the head for a bold statement.

Pompadour Fade

pompadour fade

Blending vintage charm with modern precision, the Pompadour Fade pairs a graduated buzz on the sides with a voluminous, swept-back top.

Temple Fade

temple fade

The temple fade accentuates the hairline with a sharp transition, shaving down to the skin around the temples while leaving the upper region intact for a striking contrast.

Undercut Fade

undercut fade

Merging timeless class with modern flair, the Undercut Fade keeps the sides polished and concise while showcasing volume and style up top.

Faux Hawk Fade

faux hawk fade

The Faux Hawk Fade blends the rebellious edge of a Mohawk with a gradual vanishing of hair on the sides to bridge the gap between bold and subtle style statements.

Afro Fade

afro fade

Merging tight curls with a sleek, graduated hairline, the Afro Fade brings a modern twist to natural texture.

Shadow Fade

shadow fade

The shadow fade blends hair from nearly imperceptible at the hairline to a slightly heavier length up top, creating a subtle gradient effect.

V-Cut Fade

v cut fade

A V-cut fade is edgy as it tapers to a sharp point at the nape, adding a geometric twist to the classic fade style.

Razor Fade

razor fade

The Razor Fade delivers a sharp gradient by utilizing a straight razor for a clean-cut look that exudes precision and sleek style.

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