15 Ideas for Growing Out a Buzz Cut

Discover practical styling tips for gracefully growing out a buzz cut.

Experiment With Temporary Hair Colors

experiment with temporary hair colors

Adding temporary hair colors can invigorate your look and make the growth process more fun.

Use Stylish Headbands or Scarves

use stylish headbands or scarves

Headbands and scarves add a pop of style while managing awkward lengths.

Try Different Partings As Hair Grows

try different partings as hair grows

Switching up the part line can refresh your style and adapt to the changing lengths during growth.

Apply Nourishing Hair Oils for Health

apply nourishing hair oils for health

Nourishing hair oils penetrate deep to strengthen and moisturize your hair during the growth process.

Get Regular Trims to Shape Hair

get regular trims to shape hair

Regular trims keep your hairstyle looking intentional and tidy as it grows out.

Use Texturizing Products for Volume

use texturizing products for volume

Texturizing products add body and lift, giving your growing hair a fuller appearance.

Massage Scalp to Promote Growth

massage scalp to promote growth

Stimulating the scalp through massage boosts blood flow, enhancing hair growth during the transition from a buzz cut.

Incorporate Fun Hair Clips or Accessories

incorporate fun hair clips or accessories

Adding playful hair clips or accessories can inject personality and style into your growing buzz cut.

Explore Various Hat Styles

explore various hat styles

Diving into different hat styles can add flair and camouflage awkward stages as your hair grows.

Try Slicked-back Looks With Gel

try slicked back looks with gel

Slicked-back styles with gel offer a polished look that manages growing strands and adds a touch of sophistication.

Use a Growth Serum or Supplements

use a growth serum or supplements

Growth serums and supplements can accelerate your hair’s natural growth process.

Play With Asymmetrical Cuts

play with asymmetrical cuts

Asymmetrical cuts add a dynamic edge to your look as your buzz cut grows out, making the transition phase stylish and manageable.

Explore Curly or Wavy Styles With a Curler

explore curly or wavy styles with a curler

Introducing waves or curls can add volume and texture, enhancing the appearance of growing strands.

Create a Photo Diary of Growth Stages

create a photo diary of growth stages

Documenting your hair journey visually allows you to appreciate gradual changes and celebrate growth milestones.

Consult a Stylist for Transition Styles

consult a stylist for transition styles

A stylist can guide you through varied haircuts that make the growing process look intentional and stylish.

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