15 Ideas on How to Grow Out a Buzz Cut

Discover practical tips and stylish ideas for growing out a buzz cut smoothly and fashionably.

Experiment With Headbands

experiment with headbands

Headbands not only add flair to your growing hair but also keep unruly, short strands neatly out of your face.

Try Temporary Hair Color

try temporary hair color

Temporary hair color spices up your growing buzz cut with vibrant shades and washes out easily, perfect for those seeking a fun change without commitment.

Use Nourishing Hair Oils

use nourishing hair oils

Nourishing hair oils infuse follicles with essential nutrients, accelerating growth during the awkward phases of a buzz cut.

Get Regular Trims

get regular trims

Keeping the ends tidy encourages healthier, fuller growth as your buzz cut expands.

Rock Various Hat Styles

rock various hat styles

Hats not only conceal uneven growth but also infuse your look with personal flair during the awkward phase.

Apply a Growth Serum

apply a growth serum

Applying a growth serum can stimulate hair follicles, potentially speeding up the grow-out phase.

Massage Your Scalp Daily

massage your scalp daily

Stimulating the scalp through daily massage promotes hair growth by enhancing blood circulation to the follicles.

Style With Texturizing Products

style with texturizing products

Texturizing products add life and volume to your growing hair, keeping it manageable and stylish.

Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

invest in a silk pillowcase

A silk pillowcase reduces friction and hair breakage, aiding faster growth.

Embrace Patterned Scarves

embrace patterned scarves

Patterned scarves add a splash of color and style, cleverly concealing awkward growth stages.

Utilize Hair Growth Supplements

utilize hair growth supplements

Hair growth supplements can boost your nutrients and foster quicker hair growth during the buzz cut grow-out phase.

Create Volume With a Blow Dryer

create volume with a blow dryer

Using a blow dryer helps lift your roots and add fullness as your hair grows out.

Alternate Partings As Hair Grows

alternate partings as hair grows

Switching up your hair part can refresh your look and distribute volume as your buzz cut grows out.

Employ a Creative Barber for Fades

employ a creative barber for fades

A skilled barber can blend short sides into longer top growth, giving your expanding buzz cut a stylish, cohesive look as it grows out.

Maintain a Balanced, Healthy Diet

maintain a balanced healthy diet

Eating well supports hair follicles, fostering stronger and faster growth.

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