15 Grown Out Bleached Buzz Cut Styling Ideas

Discover stylish ways to transform your grown-out bleached buzz cut into a fresh, fashionable look.

Frosted Tips On Natural Growth

frosted tips on natural growth

Frosted tips add a playful contrast as your buzz cut grows out, giving a modern twist to your existing bleach.

Color-blocked Roots in Bold Colors

color blocked roots in bold colors

This style transforms your look by starkly contrasting your new, darker roots with the previously bleached sections, creating a striking visual partition.

Zigzag Patterns Shaved Into New Growth

zigzag patterns shaved into new growth

Zigzag patterns add a playful twist, turning ordinary growth into a striking style statement.

Faded Side Designs With Natural Hue On Top

faded side designs with natural hue on top

This style blends edgy side fades with your natural hair color, creating a seamless yet striking contrast as your buzz cut grows out.

Two-tone Dye With Horizontal Split

two tone dye with horizontal split

This style splits your hair color horizontally, giving a striking contrast between the grown-out bleached buzz and the new color.

Leopard Print Stencil Over Light Roots

leopard print stencil over light roots

This style transforms your buzz cut into a bold, jungle-inspired masterpiece, making the contrast between bleached and new hair strikingly vivid.

Vibrant Pastel Ombré From Roots to Tips

vibrant pastel ombre from roots to tips

This style gracefully transitions from your naturally darker roots through a spectrum of soft pastels, culminating in lighter tips for a dreamy finish.

Checkerboard Color Grid At the Crown

checkerboard color grid at the crown

This style divides the crown into alternating colored squares, creating a striking, game-board effect atop your head.

Neon Stripes Around the Head

neon stripes around the head

Neon stripes add a vibrant, eye-catching detail that wraps around the head, lighting up your entire look.

Glitter Gel Applied to Roots for Sparkle

glitter gel applied to roots for sparkle

This style adds a twinkling effect, enhancing the contrast between new growth and the bleached ends.

Transition With Soft, Feathered Highlights

transition with soft feathered highlights

Soft, feathered highlights blur the boundary between bleached buzz and natural growth, creating a gentle, sun-kissed effect.

Rainbow Roots With Clear Gloss

rainbow roots with clear gloss

Drench your crown in prismatic hues, sealing them under a layer of high-shine gloss for a vibrant, glossy finish.

Silver or Gold Metallic Spray On New Growth

silver or gold metallic spray on new growth

Applying metallic spray to the new growth adds a luxe shimmer, making the contrast intentional and stylish.

Graffiti Art With Airbrush Over Natural Color

graffiti art with airbrush over natural color

This style transforms your hair into a vibrant canvas, showcasing bold, artistic expressions right at the crown.

Holographic Shimmer Spray Focused On Roots

holographic shimmer spray focused on roots

Holographic shimmer spray adds a futuristic sparkle to your roots, transforming standard growth into a dazzling light show.

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