15 Clever Ideas on How to Give Yourself a Buzz Cut

Discover practical tips for giving yourself a sleek buzz cut that complements your style and confidence.

Use Clippers With No Guard

use clippers with no guard

Going guardless delivers an even, ultra-short cut across the entire head for a classic buzzed look.

Start From the Top, Move to the Sides

start from the top move to the sides

Initiate the buzz cut by clipping from the crown of your head towards your ears to create a clean, even length before tackling the trickier side areas.

Fade Sides for a Modern Twist

fade sides for a modern twist

Adding a fade brings dimension and a contemporary edge to the classic buzz cut.

Shave Patterns or Lines

shave patterns or lines

Incorporating etched designs breathes an artistic flair into your buzz, transforming the cut into a canvas for self-expression.

Buzz With a Longer Guard First

buzz with a longer guard first

Starting with a longer guard affords you the flexibility to test the waters before committing to a shorter, more drastic cut.

Graduate to Shorter Lengths

graduate to shorter lengths

Experimenting with decreasing guard sizes offers a sleek transition to finer hair lengths.

Try an Asymmetrical Buzz

try an asymmetrical buzz

An asymmetrical buzz cut gives a dash of edge by varying hair length on different sides.

Leave a Longer Fringe

leave a longer fringe

Maintaining length at the front gives your buzz cut a modern edge and frames the face.

Buzz Sides, Leave Top Slightly Longer

buzz sides leave top slightly longer

Adopting a longer top with buzzed sides can add a touch of modern edge to your self-styled cut.

Use a Razor for a Closer Cut

use a razor for a closer cut

For skin-level smoothness after clipping, glide a razor over your scalp.

Create a Textured Top

create a textured top

Adding texture on top breathes life into a classic buzz, offering a modern, edgy finish.

Add a Hair Design Stencil

add a hair design stencil

Incorporate a stencil for a personal touch, carving out shapes or symbols that display a dash of creativity on your buzzed canvas.

Buzz With an Upward Motion

buzz with an upward motion

Employing an upward motion with the clippers promotes a more uniform length and diminishes the risk of unsightly patchiness.

Try a Mohawk-style Buzz

try a mohawk style buzz

For an edgy touch, buzz the sides of your head while leaving a strip of hair along the center, achieving a rebellious mohawk effect.

Blend Different Guard Lengths

blend different guard lengths

Blending varying guard lengths smoothens transitions between hair lengths for a polished, professional finish.

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