15 Stylish Ways to Rock a Grown Out Buzz Cut

Discover creative ways to style a grown-out buzz cut and keep your look fresh and fashionable.

Textured Top With Faded Sides

textured top with faded sides

Embrace the contrast; a textured top adds volume and interest, while the faded sides streamline the flow of your grown-out buzz cut.

Comb Over With Side Part

comb over with side part

The comb over with side part transforms the expanding length into a polished style, offering a smooth transition from a sharp buzz to a more refined appearance.

Slicked-back Look

slicked back look

Embrace the elegance of simplicity; a slicked-back style adds a polished edge to your grown-out buzz cut, showcasing a clean and contemporary vibe.

Caesar Cut

caesar cut

A Caesar cut offers a stylish transition with its straight, horizontal fringe, ideal for managing the awkward lengths of a growing buzz.

French Crop

french crop

The French crop offers a low-maintenance yet stylish option, framing the face with a straight or slightly textured fringe while keeping the hair length uniform.

Short Pompadour

short pompadour

A short pompadour offers an air of classic sophistication, with hair swept upward and back for a touch of volume that flatters the growing-out phase.

Ivy League Cut

ivy league cut

The Ivy League cut offers a polished appearance, featuring a short side and slightly longer hair on top, perfect for a seamless transition from a buzz cut.

Crew Cut With a Hard Part

crew cut with a hard part

Adding a hard part breathes fresh life into the classic crew cut, creating a sharp, modern edge as your buzz cut enters new territory.

Messy Waves With Taper Fade

messy waves with taper fade

Embracing the casual allure of messiness, this style marries the laid-back vibe of tousled waves with the clean precision of a taper fade.

Side-swept Fringe With Undercut

side swept fringe with undercut

The side-swept fringe offers a dynamic contrast, while the undercut brings an edgy, clean-cut dimension to your grown-out buzz.

Faux Hawk With a Burst Fade

faux hawk with a burst fade

Embrace edginess by blending a daring faux hawk with a burst fade, a perfect transition from the minimalist buzz to a style brimming with attitude.

Buzz Cut Grow-out With Designed Lines

buzz cut grow out with designed lines

Inject some flair into your grown-out buzz by etching creative lines for a personalized touch that turns heads.

Bro Flow

bro flow

The Bro flow embodies effortless cool, letting your longer buzz cut casually sweep back for a natural, laid-back vibe.

High and Tight With a Natural Fringe

high and tight with a natural fringe

A high and tight haircut lets the perimeter of your hair take center stage while a wispy fringe adds a touch of effortless cool.

Disconnected Undercut With a Quiff

disconnected undercut with a quiff

A bold juxtaposition, this style flaunts a sharp contrast between the closely shorn sides and a voluminous quiff that breathes life into the top.

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