15 Ideas for a Justin Timberlake Buzzcut Style

Discover top buzzcut styles inspired by Justin Timberlake to freshen up your look.

Faded Buzz With Etched Design

faded buzz with etched design

This style elevates the traditional buzz by incorporating a fade and artistic etchings for a dynamic, modern twist.

Textured Buzz With Side Part

textured buzz with side part

This style boosts visual interest by combining a neatly defined side part with the dynamic texture of a classic buzz, offering a polished yet low-maintenance look.

High and Tight Military Cut

high and tight military cut

This style gives a sharp, disciplined look, keeping the sides extremely short while retaining slightly more length on top.

Buzz Cut With Asymmetrical Lines

buzz cut with asymmetrical lines

This style adds a modern twist with uneven lines that inject a daring, artistic flair into the classic buzz.

Ultra Short Indigo Dyed Buzz

ultra short indigo dyed buzz

This style modernizes the classic buzz by incorporating a striking indigo color, bringing an edgy and vibrant twist to a low-maintenance haircut.

Buzz With Disconnected Beard

buzz with disconnected beard

This style contrasts a clean-cut buzz with a rugged, fuller beard, balancing sharpness with a touch of wildness.

Soft Buzz With Subtle Highlights

soft buzz with subtle highlights

This style adds depth by incorporating faint, natural-toned highlights, giving the classic buzz a subtle dimensional twist.

Two-Tone Buzz With Sharp Fade

two tone buzz with sharp fade

This style blends two distinct colors with a precise fade, creating a striking contrast that stands out dramatically.

Buzz With Embedded Tiny Braids

buzz with embedded tiny braids

Tiny, intricately woven braids add a surprising element of texture to the classic buzz cut.

Buzz With Feathered Tattoo Detail

buzz with feathered tattoo detail

This style combines a sleek buzz cut with intricate feather-like tattoo designs etched along the scalp for a striking visual contrast.

Platinum Blonde Buzz Fade

platinum blonde buzz fade

This style combines the sharpness of a buzz cut with a striking platinum blonde shade, gradually fading into natural tones at the sides.

Buzz With Zig-Zag Side Shave

buzz with zig zag side shave

This style adds a dynamic twist with precision-shaved zig-zag patterns on one side, offering a striking visual contrast.

Neon Streaked Buzz Cut

neon streaked buzz cut

Incorporating vibrant neon colors into a buzz cut offers a modern twist that emphasizes boldness and personality in hairstyling.

Classic Buzz With Extended Goatee

classic buzz with extended goatee

This style combines a straightforward buzz cut with a fuller, longer goatee, adding a rugged edge to the clean simplicity of the shaved head.

Buzz With Micro Fringe

buzz with micro fringe

Adding a micro fringe to a buzz cut introduces a subtle yet striking variation that frames the face distinctly.

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