15 Trendy Mahomes Haircut Inspirations to Transform Your Look

Discover stylish haircut ideas inspired by the iconic looks of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes and how to adapt them to your personal flair.

Classic Fade With Curled Top

classic fade with curled top

Adding a twist to the timeless fade, curls bring a touch of playful sophistication to this fresh, sporty look.

Faux Hawk Fade

faux hawk fade

The Faux Hawk Fade mixes edginess with class, sporting shorter sides that graduate to a more pronounced, textured strip of hair atop the head.

Side-Parted Pompadour

side parted pompadour

The Side-Parted Pompadour blends vintage charm with modern flair, featuring a sharp division and voluminous, swept-back hair.

Disconnected Undercut

disconnected undercut

A disconnected undercut separates the shaved sides sharply from the longer hair on top, creating striking contrast and a bold statement.

Textured Top With Side Fade

textured top with side fade

This style artfully couples a dynamic textured top to create volume and movement with a sleek side fade for a clean, sharp contrast.

Slicked-Back Undercut

slicked back undercut

The slicked-back undercut combines sleek elegance with a bold, modern edge—a look that rebels against the mundane.

Modern Afro With Tight Sides

modern afro with tight sides

Embrace a fresh take on the Afro, featuring neatly clipped sides for a sleek, contemporary contrast to the voluminous curls on top.

Asymmetrical Crop With Design

asymmetrical crop with design

This haircut plays with balance, featuring a longer length on one side complemented by a buzzed design on the other, for a daring and artistic edge.

Voluminous Quiff With Razor Line

voluminous quiff with razor line

Amp up the drama with a sky-high quiff, sharply defined by a precision razor line for a statement look that commands attention.

Taper Fade With Hard Part

taper fade with hard part

The Taper Fade with Hard Part harmoniously combines crisp precision with a gradual fade, offering a dapper, athletic edge to your look.

Burst Fade Mohawk

burst fade mohawk

The Burst Fade Mohawk embodies a dynamic contrast, featuring a semicircular fade around the ears that transitions into a striking, spiked crest along the top.

Frohawk With Etched Designs

frohawk with etched designs

A Frohawk blends the boldness of a mohawk with textured Afro hair, augmented by precise, artistic shavings that add flair.

Short Dreadlocks With Shaved Sides

short dreadlocks with shaved sides

A bold expression of style, short dreadlocks with shaved sides marry edgy attitude with low-maintenance upkeep, perfect for making a modern statement.

Curly Top Fade With Line Up

curly top fade with line up

Embrace texture and precision with a hairstyle that combines coiled vivacity on top and crisp, clean lines around the temples and forehead.

Wavy Brush Up With Low Fade

wavy brush up with low fade

Embrace the free-spirited vibe with this wavy texture on top, which gradually blends into a neat low fade at the sides, offering a harmonious contrast.

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