15 Ideas for Fixing a Messed Up Fade Hairstyle

Discover innovative takes on the classic fade hairstyle and how to rock a deliberately disheveled look with confidence.

Asymmetrical Fade

asymmetrical fade

An asymmetrical fade features uneven gradient levels on each side, disrupting the harmony expected from a traditional fade.

Patchy Fade

patchy fade

A patchy fade features irregularly thinned areas that disrupt the smooth transition typically expected in a well-executed fade haircut.

Jagged Edge Fade

jagged edge fade

The Jagged Edge Fade disrupts the usual smooth transition with abrupt angles and changes in length, creating an edgy, avant-garde look.

Zigzag Fade

zigzag fade

A zigzag fade disrupts the smooth transition with abrupt, angular lines that give a playful yet edgy look.

Faded Mohawk With Missed Spots

faded mohawk with missed spots

Picture a Mohawk standing tall, but with patches that look like the clippers took a detour, leaving islands of hair where smooth skin should be.

Fade With Intentional Lines

fade with intentional lines

Blending sharp contrasts with precision, the fade here is amplified with deliberate streaks that create a striking, edgy look.

Random Length Fade

random length fade

A random length fade disrupts the harmony of a traditional fade by featuring various lengths that lack a fluid transition up the head, creating a haphazard appearance rather than a sleek gradient.

Fade With Uneven Steps

fade with uneven steps

Experiencing uneven steps in a fade can be likened to climbing a staircase where each step varies in height, leaving a disjointed and erratic transition between hair lengths.

Pixelated Pattern Fade

pixelated pattern fade

A pixelated pattern fade presents an avant-garde take on traditional blending, where the hair resembles a digital mosaic rather than a smooth transition.

Fade With Blunt Shelf

fade with blunt shelf

A Fade with Blunt Shelf is often a stark horizontal line that unintentionally demarcates where the fade was intended to blend seamlessly into the bulkier hair on top.

Inconsistent Gradient Fade

inconsistent gradient fade

An inconsistent gradient fade can be recognized by its abrupt shifts in length, lacking the smooth transition typically expected from short to long hair.

Fade With Missing Sideburns

fade with missing sideburns

A distinctly unconventional choice, this fade abruptly ends above where one would typically expect to find sideburns, carving out a clean-cut boundary higher on the temple.

Reverse Fade

reverse fade

The reverse fade stands out with its unconventional graduation from long to short, challenging the traditional fade flow.

Checkerboard Fade

checkerboard fade

The Checkerboard Fade stands out with its alternating squares of varying lengths, offering a bold statement that’s both edgy and deliberate.

Fade With Random Bald Spots

fade with random bald spots

This fade technique creates an unexpected, rugged look with sporadic skin-exposed areas that can add an edgy twist to a classic style.

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