15 Mid Taper Buzz Cut Styles to Refresh Your Look

Discover fresh and trendy mid taper buzz cut styles to elevate your look with minimal fuss.

Faded Mid Taper With Hard Part Line

faded mid taper with hard part line

The faded mid taper buzz showcases a sharp contrast, with a precise hard part line carving out a noticeable boundary between the buzzed sides and the hair on top.

Mid Taper With Textured Top

mid taper with textured top

The textured top variation brings a dose of personality to the mid taper, adding a playful contrast with its artful spikes against the smoothly faded sides.

Mohawk-inspired Mid Taper Buzz

mohawk inspired mid taper buzz

Injecting a rebellious twist into a classic style, the Mohawk-inspired mid taper buzz carves out a distinctive ridge of length down the center, while the sides gradually fade into precise shortness.

Mid Taper With Defined Front Fringe

mid taper with defined front fringe

A sharp fringe crowns the look, lending a dash of edge to the classic buzz, creating a stark contrast with the neatly faded sides.

Side-swept Mid Taper Buzz Cut

side swept mid taper buzz cut

Adding a touch of elegance to the classic buzz, the side-swept version brings a suave asymmetry that plays with texture and direction.

Mid Taper With Geometric Design Shave

mid taper with geometric design shave

Adding precise angular lines etched into the sides brings an artistic edge to the classic mid taper buzz.

Asymmetrical Mid Taper Buzz

asymmetrical mid taper buzz

The asymmetrical mid taper buzz pushes the envelope of conventional haircuts by adding an unexpected twist on one side, offering a bold and modern edge.

Mid Taper With V-shaped Neckline

mid taper with v shaped neckline

Adding a V-shaped neckline to the mid taper buzz injects a dash of edgy sophistication for those looking to edge out their style subtly.

Mid Taper Combined With a Beard Fade

mid taper combined with a beard fade

Harmonizing the gradient of a mid taper with a beard fade brings face-framing symmetry that sharpens the jawline and enhances the overall clean-cut appearance.

Mid Taper With Faux Hawk Flair

mid taper with faux hawk flair

By blending the edginess of a faux hawk with the subtlety of a mid taper, this style adds a daring twist to the classic buzz.

Mid Taper Buzz With Subtle Highlights

mid taper buzz with subtle highlights

Adding delicate highlights can give a mid taper buzz an unexpected pop, accentuating the texture and giving your hair dimension.

Curly Top Mid Taper Buzz Cut

curly top mid taper buzz cut

The curly top mid taper buzz cut elevates texture by keeping the curls voluminous up top while the sides gradually transition into a short buzz, creating an effortlessly cool contrast.

Disconnected Mid Taper With Pompadour

disconnected mid taper with pompadour

This style elevates the classic mid taper by contrasting the tight sides with a voluminous, sculpted pompadour for a striking silhouette.

Mid Taper With Razor Line Detail

mid taper with razor line detail

Adding a razor line introduces a sleek, precise edge, giving an ordinary mid taper buzz a dash of modern sharpness.

Slicked Back Mid Taper With a Clean Line Up

slicked back mid taper with a clean line up

Combining a sleek contour with precise edges, this hairstyle provides a polished and refined appearance.

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