15 Creative Perm with Fade Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how combining a perm with a fade can revolutionize your hairstyle and unlock new dimensions of texture and edge.

Curly Top Perm With a Low Skin Fade

curly top perm with a low skin fade

A curly top perm with a low skin fade harmoniously combines voluminous curls on top with a crisp, clean fade at the sides. This modern hairstyle offers a bold contrast, showcasing the curls’ texture while maintaining a sleek, skin-close cut around the temples and nape.

Perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish look, it reduces bulk where it’s often unneeded and allows for a cool, airy feel around the head.

Medium-length Perm With Taper Fade Sides

medium length perm with taper fade sides

This style blends the classic allure of medium curls with the crispness of tapered sides, offering a dapper yet edgy appeal.

The contrast between the voluminous, textured perm and the streamlined fade creates a modern silhouette.

Perfect for those seeking a versatile look, it allows for both professional neatness and casual, carefree vibes.

Tight Coil Perm With a High Bald Fade

tight coil perm with a high bald fade

The tight coil perm offers a textured, voluminous look on top, imbued with a retro yet modern flair.

Complementing the curls, the high bald fade provides a sharp contrast, showcasing the intricacies of the coiled style.

This combination exudes an edgy aesthetic, ideal for those seeking a bold statement with minimalistic sides.

Loose Wave Perm With a Temple Fade

loose wave perm with a temple fade

The loose wave perm adds a touch of effortless elegance to the hair, creating soft and natural-looking waves that breathe life into the overall hairstyle.

When paired with a temple fade, the contrast is striking, highlighting the wave’s fluidity with a sharp, clean cut around the temples.

This combination is ideal for someone seeking a modern twist on classic styles, providing a sophisticated yet casual look perfect for various occasions.

Body Wave Perm With a Drop Fade

body wave perm with a drop fade

The body wave perm adds soft volume and texture throughout, creating a natural-looking bounce that complements various face shapes.

Integrating a drop fade transitions the hair seamlessly from the voluminous waves on top to a clean, short cut around the ears and nape, providing a modern twist on a classic style.

This combination suits those seeking a balance between a pronounced, stylized top and subtle, tapered sides.

Spiral Perm With a Scissor Fade

spiral perm with a scissor fade

Embracing the spiral perm introduces a bold and dynamic curl pattern that infuses the hair with volume and movement.

The scissor fade provides a seamless transition, keeping the attention on the curls while offering a clean, tailored look around the ears and nape.

This combination strikes a balance between the classic allure of curls and the modern edge of a well-executed fade.

Kinky Perm With a Mid Skin Fade

kinky perm with a mid skin fade

The kinky perm introduces a vivacious texture to the hair that’s brimming with personality and movement. A mid skin fade grounds this bold look, providing a sleek transition from the voluminous curls to the bare skin.

This combination offers a striking balance between audacious and polished, making it a perfect statement hairstyle for those who dare to stand out.

Textured Perm With a Fade On One Side

textured perm with a fade on one side

A textured perm on one side delivers an asymmetrical edge to a classic style, creating visual interest and volume where desired.

The fade on the opposite side brings a modern, clean-cut element that contrasts with the curls’ dynamic appearance.

This combination caters to those seeking a bold statement that balances intricate texture with sleek simplicity.

Mohawk Perm With Faded Sides

mohawk perm with faded sides

The Mohawk perm brings an edgy twist to curls by concentrating volume and texture at the top of the head. Faded sides create a stark contrast that highlights the dramatic curl pattern.

This style offers a modern interpretation of the classic Mohawk with a softer, more approachable curl.

Afro Perm With a Low Taper Fade

afro perm with a low taper fade

Combining the voluminous texture of an Afro perm with a low taper fade creates a striking contrast and frames the face beautifully.

This style balances the boldness of natural curls with the sleekness of a fade, offering a modern twist on classic Afro-centric hairstyles.

It’s perfect for those who want to showcase their curls while keeping the sides clean and understated.

Beach Wave Perm With a Disconnected Fade

beach wave perm with a disconnected fade

The juxtaposition of soft beach waves with a sharply defined fade creates a striking contrast that’s both modern and stylish.

This look suits someone who wants to keep their hair casual and textured on top while maintaining clear-cut, clean edges around the sides and back.

It’s an excellent choice for making a statement that balances effortless cool with meticulous grooming.

Perm Top With Faded Undercut

perm top with faded undercut

Combining the timeless allure of a voluminous perm on the crown with a sharply defined undercut achieves a contrast that’s both edgy and suave. This hybrid style marries the rebellious spirit of an undercut with the classic curls of a perm, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a bold fashion statement.

Its maintenance is a balancing act – keeping the curls hydrated and the undercut precise requires a tailored approach to hair care.

Multi-textured Perm With a Fade and Hard Part

multi textured perm with a fade and hard part

The multi-textured perm showcases diverse curl patterns for a dynamic and modern look.

Strategically placed fades bring a clean, sharp contrast to the voluminous curls, accentuating the hairstyle’s dimension.

A hard part adds a striking visual line, creating an intentional statement that separates the textured curls from the smoothly faded sides.

Classic Perm With a Gentleman’s Fade

classic perm with a gentlemans fade

The classic perm incorporates timeless curls into a modern context, seamlessly blending with a sleek gentleman’s fade to create a sophisticated silhouette.

This style marries the volume and texture of traditional perms with the clean lines and understated elegance of a gradual fade at the temples and back.

It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a refined look that holds a touch of old-school charm without appearing outdated.

Volume Perm With a Razor Fade

volume perm with a razor fade

A volume perm injects life into fine, limp hair, offering a bountiful and luscious look. Pairing it with a razor fade brings a sharp contrast that accentuates the fullness atop.

This combination is ideal for those seeking a modern twist on classic volume with a clean, precise neckline and sides.

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