15 Shaved Head with Bangs 90s Ideas: Styling Tips & Inspiration

Discover the bold contrast of shaved heads with bangs, a ’90s revival that’s as fresh as ever.

Buzz Cut With Wispy Front Fringe

buzz cut with wispy front fringe

A Buzz Cut with Wispy Front Fringe adds a playful touch to a shaved head look, creating a stylish contrast in textures. This hairstyle combines the boldness of a buzz cut with the softness of wispy bangs, offering a unique and edgy appearance. The wispy front fringe brings a flirty and youthful vibe to the overall shaved head style, making it a fun and trendy choice for those looking to stand out. The juxtaposition of the short buzzed sides and the delicate front fringe creates a striking visual balance, elevating the classic shaved head look with a modern twist.

Clean Shave With Micro Bangs

clean shave with micro bangs

A clean shave with micro bangs is a bold take on the shaved head with bangs trend from the ’90s. The micro bangs add a touch of edginess to the overall look. It’s a modern twist on a classic style, perfect for those looking to make a statement.

Half-Shaved Head With Chunky Bangs

half shaved head with chunky bangs

Half-Shaved Head with Chunky Bangs allows for a bold and edgy look, combining shaved sides with thick, statement fringe that adds dimension and contrast to your hairstyle.

Shaved Sides With Curtain Bangs

shaved sides with curtain bangs

This style combines shaved sides with soft curtain bangs for a trendy 90s-inspired look. The shaved sides add an edgy touch to the classic curtain bangs hairstyle. It creates a unique contrast between the sleek sides and the textured bangs. This hairstyle is versatile and can be styled in various ways to suit different personalities.

Tapered Shave With Asymmetrical Bangs

tapered shave with asymmetrical bangs

The Tapered Shave with Asymmetrical Bangs offers a trendy and edgy twist to the classic shaved head style, creating a unique look with contrasting lengths that adds a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance.

Bald With Blunt Baby Bangs

bald with blunt baby bangs

For a bold and striking look, consider pairing a shaved head with blunt baby bangs.

Shaved With Feathered Side Bangs

shaved with feathered side bangs
  • Shaved with Feathered Side Bangs:
  • Add softness and movement to a shaved look with delicate side-swept bangs.

High Top Fade With Textured Bangs

high top fade with textured bangs

High Top Fade with Textured Bangs adds a modern twist to the shaved head with bangs hairstyle, giving a unique and edgy look that combines retro elements with contemporary style.

Shaved With Swept Bangs and Hair Tattoo

shaved with swept bangs and hair tattoo

Shaved with Swept Bangs and Hair Tattoo brings a youthful edge to 90s-inspired hairstyles. A combination of shaved sides with side-swept bangs and intricate hair tattoos creates a bold and unique look. This style is perfect for those looking to stand out with a blend of alternative and classic elements.

Full Shave With Pinup Bangs

Full Shave with Pinup Bangs adds a vintage glamour to a modern shaved head hairstyle. It combines a classic look with a bold, edgy twist. The contrast between the shaved sides and the styled bangs creates a striking and unique appearance.

Shaved With Pastel Colored Bangs

shaved with pastel colored bangs

Pastel Colored Bangs add a fun and whimsical touch to a shaved hairstyle, embracing a playful and trendy look with a pop of soft hues against the edginess of a shaved head.

Undercut With Heavy Straight Bangs

undercut with heavy straight bangs

Achieve a bold and edgy look with an undercut hairstyle paired with heavy straight bangs, adding a modern twist to the shaved head with bangs trend.

Shaved With Long Girlish Bangs

shaved with long girlish bangs

Long Girlish Bangs add a touch of femininity to a shaved hairstyle, creating a unique contrast between edgy and delicate elements.

Completely Bald With Detachable Clip-on Bangs

completely bald with detachable clip on bangs

Attachable bangs offer versatility to a completely bald hairstyle, allowing for quick changes in look without commitment.

Buzzed With French Style Bangs

buzzed with french style bangs

Buzzed with French Style Bangs combines a smooth shaved head with classic French-inspired bangs, adding a chic and modern twist to this nostalgic 90s hairstyle.

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