15 8 on Top Haircut Ideas for a Stylish Look

Discover eight fresh haircut ideas featuring the versatile “8 on top” style, perfect for updating your look.

Textured Top With Skin Fade

textured top with skin fade

This style combines the volume and dynamic appearance of a textured top with the stark, clean contrast of a skin fade.

Slicked Back With Undercut

slicked back with undercut

This style combines the polished look of slicked-back hair with the edgy contrast of a sharp undercut.

Pompadour With Taper Fade

pompadour with taper fade

This style elevates the classic pompadour by blending it into a sleek taper fade, offering a polished and modern look.

Curly Top With High Fade

curly top with high fade

This style combines voluminous curls on the crown with sharply faded sides for a stark, fashionable contrast.

Hard Part With Side Sweep

hard part with side sweep

This style features a distinct shaved line on one side, complementing the voluminous, swept-over hair on top for a striking contrast.

Buzz Cut With Number 8 On Top

buzz cut with number 8 on top

This style maintains a uniform length of one inch across the top for a neat, low-maintenance look.

Brushed Up With Clean Sides

brushed up with clean sides

This style elevates volume at the crown while keeping the sides sharply trimmed for a polished contrast.

Quiff With Low Fade

quiff with low fade

This style elevates the classic quiff by blending it into a discreet, yet striking low fade, offering both volume on top and clean-cut sides.

Flat Top With Sharp Contours

flat top with sharp contours

This style features a precision-leveled top that creates a bold, defined silhouette, complemented by sharply trimmed sides for a striking contrast.

Comb Over With Razor Fade

comb over with razor fade

The comb over with razor fade merges classic style with bold definition, offering a polished yet striking look.

Spiky Hair With Bald Fade

spiky hair with bald fade

This style combines the edginess of spiked hair on top with a smooth, bald fade on the sides for a bold contrast.

Mohawk With Shaved Sides

mohawk with shaved sides

This style combines the rebellious spirit of a Mohawk with the sleekness of closely shaved sides, offering a bold contrast that emphasizes the central strip of longer hair.

French Crop With Tapered Sides

french crop with tapered sides

The French Crop with Tapered Sides combines a crisp, short fringe with gradually shorter sides for a sleek, modern look.

Blowout With Tapered Nape

blowout with tapered nape

This style elevates volume and movement at the top while the nape area sports a refined taper, offering a stylish contrast.

Crew Cut With Scissor Fade

crew cut with scissor fade

The Crew Cut with Scissor Fade combines short, upright hair on top with gradually shorter sides for a polished, versatile look.

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