15 Burst Fade Back View Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Cut

Discover creative burst fade back view ideas that will elevate your hairstyle with modern flair and sharp precision.

Asymmetrical Burst Fade

asymmetrical burst fade

An asymmetrical burst fade adds an edgy twist by tapering more heavily on one side, creating a unique and modern silhouette. The intentional imbalance offers a standout backdrop that accentuates the head’s natural shape. This style transforms the conventional symmetry of a burst fade into a conversation-starter piece.

Textured Burst With Design Lines

textured burst with design lines

Adding design lines to a textured burst fade transforms a classic cut into a canvas for personal expression. Strategic etchings within the fade can accentuate the hairstyle’s dynamism, guiding the eye to the burst effect’s epicenter. The contrast of textured volume on top with the precision of the designs creates a modern, edgy look.

Curly Top Burst Fade

curly top burst fade

Embracing natural texture, the Curly Top variant showcases vivacious curls that cascade into the precise fade, accentuating the contrast with slicked burst edges. Positioning at the back commands attention to the shape and volume, offering a rebellious yet polished aesthetic. This style is a confident choice for those seeking to balance a sharp fade with the playful dynamism of untamed curls.

Mohawk Burst Fade

mohawk burst fade

The Mohawk Burst Fade combines edginess and precision, as it tapers down the sides into a skin fade while leaving a strip of longer hair on top to define the Mohawk style. The contrast between the shaved sides and the dramatic top adds a daring, modern twist to the classic Mohawk look. Ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement, this style accentuates the head’s natural shape and offers ample room for personal expression through varying lengths and textures.

V-Shaped Nape Burst Fade

v shaped nape burst fade

A V-Shaped Nape Burst Fade adds an edgy touch with a sharply carved, inverted triangle at the back of the head. This style provides a structured, geometric contrast to the soft graduation of the fade. Perfect for those seeking a bold statement, it complements the curvature around the ears, leading to a standout point at the nape.

Skin Taper Burst Fade

skin taper burst fade

The Skin Taper Burst Fade offers a sleek transition from the bare skin at the hairline to the longer lengths above, emphasizing the burst effect. It’s an avant-garde choice for those seeking a sharp, contemporary look while keeping the back and sides ultra-clean. This style pairs exceptionally well with a tailored wardrobe, giving off a vibe of modern sophistication.

Waved Pompadour Burst Fade

waved pompadour burst fade

The Waved Pompadour integrates classic volume with modern texture, yielding a sophisticated look for those with wavy hair. Its contour follows the head’s curvature, enhancing the wave pattern, and gradually dissolving into a burst fade that provides a sharp contrast at the back. The combination offers a blend of old-school charm and contemporary edginess, making it ideal for trendsetters looking to make a statement from all angles.

Burst Fade With Razor Part

burst fade with razor part

The razor part adds a sharp distinction to the burst fade, creating an eye-catching contrast. It accentuates the transition from the voluminous top to the fade around the ears. This detail provides a modern twist, perfect for those seeking a polished, yet edgy hairstyle.

Burst Fade With Tail

burst fade with tail

The tail element adds a daring edge to the burst fade, creating a focal point that draws the eye to the neckline. This style marries the clean graduation of the fade with the playful, expressive length left at the back. It’s a rebellious twist, perfect for those looking to blend traditional fades with a personal signature touch.

High Top Burst Fade

high top burst fade

Echoing the retro flair of the ’90s, the High Top Burst Fade is a statement of both volume and precision, featuring a boxy, vertical silhouette that commands attention. The smooth transition from the temple to the nape emphasizes the contrast, accentuating the height and shape of the high top. This style suits those seeking a bold look that balances classic urban edge with contemporary clean lines.

Frohawk Burst Fade

frohawk burst fade

The Frohawk marries the audacious mohawk with the dynamic burst fade, resulting in a silhouette that communicates confidence from every angle. Ideal for those with natural afro-textured hair, it enhances the volume on top, while the burst fade contours neatly around the ears. This fusion creates an edgy, yet polished aesthetic, balancing boldness with an element of sleekness.

Burst Fade With Neck Tattoo

burst fade with neck tattoo

Incorporating a neck tattoo into the burst fade creates a bold statement, blending the edgy cut with personal art. This style accentuates the contours of the neck tattoo, drawing attention to the intricacy of both the hair design and the ink. The artfully tapered hair provides a smooth transition that enhances the visual impact of the neck tattoo.

Dyed Top Burst Fade

Adding a splash of color to the top section of a burst fade can amplify its visual impact, creating a striking contrast against the skin-faded sides. This combination is a statement, allowing for creative expression through vibrant hues or subtle tints accentuating the hair’s texture. When viewed from the back, the dyed portion dramatically stands out, accentuated by the fade that wraps around the head like a halo.

Burst Fade With Curls and Line Up

burst fade with curls and line up

Merging the burst fade with curls and a precise line-up creates a stunning contrast that accentuates the shape of the face. The curls offer a textural play on top, while the sharp line-up frames the forehead and temples, giving a clean, modern edge. It’s a style that’s both dynamic and structured, ideal for someone who wants to balance intricacy with bold definition.

Feathered Burst Fade

feathered burst fade

Achieving a blend of texture and gradient, the Feathered Burst Fade accentuates the silhouette with a softer edge, deviating from the typical sharp lines. The feathered approach adds a touch of whimsy, highlighting movement in the hair, perfect for those seeking a more fluid style. It’s a versatile choice that allows for a seamless flow between hair lengths while maintaining a defined, modern aesthetic.

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