15 Burst Fade Faux Hawk Styles to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Get inspired with creative burst fade faux hawk styles that can take your hairstyle game to a whole new level of cool.

Classic Burst Fade With Twisted Hawk Crest

classic burst fade with twisted hawk crest

Embracing timeless elegance, this style features a refined burst fade that cascades into a twisted crest, adding a modern twist to the iconic faux hawk silhouette.

Razor-edged Burst Fade With Textured Top

razor edged burst fade with textured top

The razor-edged burst fade is a perfect amalgamation of precise lines and textured volume, offering a sharp contrast that elevates the faux hawk to a statement hairstyle.

Curly Tapered Faux Hawk With Skin Fade

curly tapered faux hawk with skin fade

This style merges the vivacity of curls atop with a slick skin fade around the ears, sculpting a bold contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

Asymmetrical Burst Fade With Long Faux Hawk

asymmetrical burst fade with long faux hawk

This cut juxtaposes a striking long hawk flowing down the center with an uneven fade at the sides for a bold, rebellious look.

Two-Tone Dyed Hawk With Burst Fade Sides

two tone dyed hawk with burst fade sides

Embrace contrast by blending the audacity of two distinct hair tones with the subtle graduation of burst fade sides for a look that captures attention and exudes confidence.

Miniature Burst Fade With Pomp Hawk

miniature burst fade with pomp hawk

This style marries the subtle edges of a burst fade with the voluminous poise of a pompadour, creating a statement look that’s both modern and manageable.

Sleek Burst Fade With Hard Part Faux Hawk

sleek burst fade with hard part faux hawk

The Sleek Burst Fade with Hard Part Faux Hawk emanates an air of sharp precision, marrying the clean lines of a definitive side part with the edginess of a burst fade.

Disconnected Beard and Burst Fade Hawk

disconnected beard and burst fade hawk

Merging rugged individualism with polished sophistication, the disconnected beard and burst fade faux hawk offers a sharp contrast that commands attention, beautifully balancing facial hair with a modern twist on the classic mohawk.

Mohawk-Inspired Burst With V-Shape Design

mohawk inspired burst with v shape design

This style boasts a rebellious twist, featuring the burst fade’s edginess and a V-shaped nape that commands attention from every angle.

Wavy Faux Hawk With Mid-Burst Fade

wavy faux hawk with mid burst fade

Ideal for those with natural waves, this style accentuates texture by gradually fading into the skin mid-ear, creating a dynamic contrast with the voluminous hawk on top.

High-Top Burst Fade With Line Up Hawk

high top burst fade with line up hawk

Elevating personal style, the High-Top Burst Fade with Line Up Hawk brings a sharp contrast with its vertical reach and precise hairline etchings.

Brushed Up Hawk With Low Burst Fade

brushed up hawk with low burst fade

Marrying the ease of a brushed up top with the subtlety of a low fade, this style strikes a balance between bold statement and understated edge.

Intricate Design Burst Fade With Spiky Hawk

intricate design burst fade with spiky hawk

Adding an artistic edge, the intricate design burst fade pairs strikingly with a spiky hawk, setting a bold tone and highlighting your personal style flair.

Platinum Blonde Hawk With Dark Burst Fade

platinum blonde hawk with dark burst fade

This style marries the edginess of a sharp contrast with its sun-kissed locks atop and broodingly dark, expertly faded sides.

Soft Feathered Hawk With Seamless Burst Fade

soft feathered hawk with seamless burst fade

A soft feathered faux hawk blends smoothly into a fade that subtly hugs the contours of the head, offering an air of sophistication with a gentle rebellious twist.

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