15 Stylish Dyed Burst Fade Ideas to Refresh Your Look

Discover inspiring dyed burst fade hairstyles that will shake up your look with a splash of color and edgy sophistication.

Sunset Fade: Gradient From Deep Red to Orange and Yellow

sunset fade gradient from deep red to orange and yellow

Imagine the evening sky hugging your head, its warm hues cascading down your fade in a symphony of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Oceanic Teal: Shades of Dark Blue Fading Into Teal and Green

oceanic teal shades of dark blue fading into teal and green

The Oceanic Teal burst fade embodies the essence of sea waves, with a seamless gradient from the depths of the ocean blue to the vibrant life of green and teal, adding a splash of dynamic color to your hairstyle.

Firestorm Red: Bright Red That Melts Into Black Tips

firestorm red bright red that melts into black tips

The Firestorm Red style delivers a bold statement by blending a radiant red hue into deep black, giving a dramatic, fiery contrast that’s hard to miss.

Galactic: Purples and Blues Like a Nebula Fading to Black

galactic purples and blues like a nebula fading to black

Invoke the cosmos atop your head with deep purples and blues that seamlessly give way to the abyss of black.

Neon Shock: Bright Neon Green Fading to Dark Green At the Sides

neon shock bright neon green fading to dark green at the sides

The Neon Shock embodies vibrant energy, transitioning from a striking, luminous green at the crown to deeper verdant shades towards the back and sides.

Copper Fade: Metallic Copper That Transitions Into a Dark Brown

copper fade metallic copper that transitions into a dark brown

The Copper Fade brings the warmth of burnished metal to your hair, gently descending into the depth of rich brunette ends.

Pastel Rainbow: Soft Pastel Colors Blending Into Each Other

pastel rainbow soft pastel colors blending into each other

Imagine your hair as a canvas, embracing the gentle serenity of a watercolor painting with soft pastel shades seamlessly flowing from one into another, creating a tranquil gradient around your head.

Electric Blue: Intense Blue Fading Into a Silvery White

electric blue intense blue fading into a silvery white

Capture the essence of a lightning bolt with an electrifying blue that seamlessly transitions into a luminous silver, embodying a striking contrast that is bound to turn heads.

Rose Gold Burst: Rose Gold Fading Into a Pale Pink Blush

rose gold burst rose gold fading into a pale pink blush

Embodying chic sophistication, the Rose Gold Burst illuminates the hair with its stunning warm hue that subtly graduates into a delicate pink, exuding femininity.

Frosted Tips: Ice Blue Faded Up From the Tips to Dark Roots

frosted tips ice blue faded up from the tips to dark roots

This style captures the essence of winter, with icy blue ends that seamlessly transition into the natural darkness of your roots.

Emerald Green: Jewel-toned Green Fading to a Deep Black

emerald green jewel toned green fading to a deep black

Emerald Green offers a regal twist, where the vibrant green seamlessly transitions into a sophisticated black, adding depth to the burst fade.

Blonde Ambition: Platinum Blonde Burst Fading to Light Brown

blonde ambition platinum blonde burst fading to light brown

The Blonde Ambition style makes a bold statement, transitioning seamlessly from a striking platinum burst at the crown to a more natural light brown at the base.

Midnight Purple: Deep Purple Fading Into a Shadowy Black

midnight purple deep purple fading into a shadowy black

Embrace the mystery of the night with a Midnight Purple fade, where a rich, velvety purple whispers into an enigmatic black.

Charcoal Gray: Smoky Gray Into a Gradual Fade of Lighter Gray

charcoal gray smoky gray into a gradual fade of lighter gray

The Charcoal Gray burst fade whispers sophistication with its seamless transition from a deep, ashen base to a lighter misty hue.

Autumnal Hues: Rich Auburn Fading to a Soft, Golden Yellow

autumnal hues rich auburn fading to a soft golden yellow

Embrace the warmth of fall with a rich Auburn base that effortlessly softens into golden yellow tips, mirroring the seasonal transition of leaves.

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