15 Burst Fade with Dyed Hair Styles to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover how a burst fade can elevate your dyed hair, giving it an edgy and modern twist that lets your personality shine through.

Galaxy Burst Fade – Incorporate Blues and Purples to Mimic the Cosmos

galaxy burst fade incorporate blues and purples to mimic the cosmos

A Galaxy Burst Fade blends celestial shades of blues and purples into the hair, creating an effect that’s like gazing into the night sky.

Sunset Ombre Fade – Blend Red, Orange, and Yellow From Top to Fade

sunset ombre fade blend red orange and yellow from top to fade

Capture the waning evening sky in your hair with hues that transition from a fiery red to a warm orange, culminating in a soft yellow blend as they meet the skin fade.

Neon Edge Burst – Bright Neon Tips With a Stark Contrast Fade

neon edge burst bright neon tips with a stark contrast fade

The Neon Edge Burst electrifies your look, marrying vibrant neon ends with a sharply tapered fade that demands attention.

Frosted Tips Burst – Ice Blonde Dyed Tips With a Clean Skin Fade

frosted tips burst ice blonde dyed tips with a clean skin fade

Channel the chill of winter with a crisp contrast; ice-blonde highlights carve out a bold statement against the backdrop of a skin-fade base.

Rainbow Peak Fade – A Hidden Rainbow On the Crown Fading Into Natural Sides

rainbow peak fade a hidden rainbow on the crown fading into natural sides

Peeking through when the hair is styled just right, the Rainbow Peak Fade plays hide and seek with bursts of color amidst a field of your natural hair tone.

Crimson Tide Fade – Deep Red Dyed Hair With a Sharp Burst Fade Silhouette

crimson tide fade deep red dyed hair with a sharp burst fade silhouette

The Crimson Tide Fade conjures an aura of boldness, featuring a vivid scarlet that seamlessly descends into a crisp, clean fade, reminiscent of the ebb and flow of ocean waves.

Electric Blue Shock – Vibrant Blue Atop a Skin-burst Fade

electric blue shock vibrant blue atop a skin burst fade

The Electric Blue Shock energizes your look with a vivid blue crown sharply transitioning into a clean, skin-level fade.

Smoky Quartz Fade – Smoky Grey With a Subtle Burst Fade for a Mystic Vibe

smoky quartz fade smoky grey with a subtle burst fade for a mystic vibe

This style merges the enigmatic allure of dusky grey strands with a gently graduated burst fade for an ethereal edge.

Rose Gold Crown – A Shimmering Rose Gold Dye Blending Into a Burst Fade

rose gold crown a shimmering rose gold dye blending into a burst fade

Evoking the glow of a soft sunset, the rose gold tint gently transitions into a sophisticated burst fade, marrying elegance with modern edge.

Emerald Flare Fade – Luxe Emerald Green Flowing Into a Tapered Fade

emerald flare fade luxe emerald green flowing into a tapered fade

The Emerald Flare Fade brings the splendor of jewel tones to your hair, progressively softening into a sleek fade for a regal yet edgy look.

Chestnut Burst – Warm Brown Hues With a Burst Fade for a Soft Transition

chestnut burst warm brown hues with a burst fade for a soft transition

The Chestnut Burst fuses warm brown tones that gradually soften into a skin-burst fade, offering a subdued yet captivating aesthetic.

Platinum Ice Burst – Silver-blonde Hair With a Distinct High Burst Fade

platinum ice burst silver blonde hair with a distinct high burst fade

The Platinum Ice Burst marries a sleek silver-blonde with a crisp high fade, exuding a bold, modern aesthetic.

Tropical Sunrise – Blend of Tropical Colors With a Burst Fade Like a Sunrise

tropical sunrise blend of tropical colors with a burst fade like a sunrise

The Tropical Sunrise style illuminates your look with a vibrant color spectrum that mirrors the sky’s hues at dawn, gracefully merging into a delicate burst fade.

Charcoal Edge – Dark Grey to Black Gradient With an Edgy Burst Fade

charcoal edge dark grey to black gradient with an edgy burst fade

The Charcoal Edge infuses sophistication with its seamless dark gradient, culminating in a sharp burst fade for a daring yet refined look.

Firework Burst – Bright Red With Orange Streaks Exploding Into a Burst Fade

firework burst bright red with orange streaks exploding into a burst fade

The Firework Burst ignites your look with a vibrant explosion of reds and oranges, tapering into a dynamic burst fade that’s sure to draw attention.

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