15 Burst Mid Taper Hairstyle Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Discover innovative ideas for a burst mid taper haircut that will refresh your look with modern edge and versatility.

Dual-texture Burst

dual texture burst

The dual-texture burst combines differing hair textures on each side of the head for a striking, multidimensional effect. One side may feature sleek, straight strands cascading into the taper, while the other showcases natural curls or coils emanating from the burst point. This contrast not only enhances the burst taper’s dynamic silhouette but also adds a personalized touch that accentuates individual style.

Asymmetric Burst

asymmetric burst

The asymmetric burst introduces an inventive slant to the classic taper, often by altering the length or style on each side of the head for a quirky, off-kilter look. This style can accentuate the wearer’s facial features, creating a unique focal point that breaks away from the uniformity of traditional cuts. It’s perfect for individuals seeking a distinctive aesthetic that stands out in a crowd while still maintaining an element of sleekness.

Tribal Burst Etch

tribal burst etch

The Tribal burst etch takes the burst mid-taper to a daring new level with intricately shaved designs that pay homage to tribal patterns. It’s a statement in self-expression, combining the clean lines of a taper with the personal touch of unique cultural art. This style serves as an artistic focal point that showcases the wearer’s personality and flair.

Faded Color Pop

faded color pop

Adding a vibrant shade to the taper area, the faded color pop introduces a dynamic edge to the hairstyle. This technique injects personality, breaking the monotony of traditional fades with an unexpected burst of color. It appeals to individuals looking to merge classic style with modern, expressive elements.

Freestyle Design Burst

freestyle design burst

The freestyle design burst pushes creative boundaries by incorporating unique patterns or shapes shaved into the sides. This personalized touch makes a bold statement, reflecting an individual’s personality or style preferences. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to stand out with a one-of-a-kind hair artistry that complements the overall taper look.

V-shaped Burst Taper

v shaped burst taper

Embodying audacity in design, the V-shaped burst taper accentuates the neckline with a bold, angular finish. This style adds a geometric twist to the classic taper, creating a focal point at the back of the head. It’s ideal for those who appreciate sharp, defined lines in their haircut, offering a modern edge to traditional fades.

Disconnected Burst

disconnected burst

The Disconnected burst showcases a striking contrast between sharply defined hair lengths, intentionally creating a bold, visual break. It’s an edgy adaptation of the classic taper, lending itself to a modern aesthetic that’s both rebellious and chic. Ideal for those seeking to make a statement, this style highlights the wearer’s individuality through its unabashed departure from gradual fades.

Curly Top Burst

curly top burst

Embracing the volume and texture of natural curls, the Curly top burst allows for a playful yet structured contrast with its tapering sides. This style adds a dynamic twist by seamlessly blending a mid taper with the lively character of untamed curls atop the head. It’s perfect for those seeking a modern edge without sacrificing the bold personality of their coils.

Hardline Burst

hardline burst

The hardline burst adds a striking edge to the taper with a precise, shaved line that accentuates the contrast between lengths. It showcases a bold statement, turning the traditional fade into a modern work of art. This detail often becomes the focal point of the haircut, offering a daring twist suitable for those seeking a standout style.

Pompadour Burst

pompadour burst

The Pompadour burst marries the classic volume of a pompadour with the edgy gradient of a burst taper fade. This hybrid style emphasizes the contrast between the voluminous top and the carefully faded sides. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a retro flair with a modern twist.

Mohawk Burst Blend

mohawk burst blend

The Mohawk burst blend combines the audacious essence of a traditional Mohawk with the subtle graduation of a burst fade. By maintaining length and volume at the top, this style creates a striking contrast against the tapered sides. It’s particularly effective for those seeking a bold look that still maintains an element of professional cleanliness around the edges.

Textured Burst Fade

textured burst fade

The textured burst fade elevates the hair’s natural volume and forms by pairing a distinct fade with choppier layers on top. This style creates a stark contrast that is both modern and chic, ideal for those seeking a fresh, edgy look. It offers a perfect blend of refinement and ruggedness, suitable for various occasions and personality types.

Side Part Burst

side part burst

Incorporating a side part elevates the burst mid taper haircut by adding a structured element to the casual fade. This contrast creates a polished look, balancing the edginess of the burst fade with the classic appeal of a defined part line. Perfect for those seeking a modern twist on traditional style, it offers versatility in styling with a neat, professional edge.

Wavy Hair Burst

wavy hair burst

Embracing natural texture, the wavy hair burst enhances the contrast between the taper and the voluminous waves above. This version of the burst mid taper is particularly flattering for those with naturally undulating strands, adding movement to the classic silhouette. It offers a fresh and stylish spin on the traditional burst fade, catering to individuals seeking a modern yet sophisticated look.

Razor Burst Detail

razor burst detail

Incorporating a razor into the burst mid taper elevates the precision of the cut, carving out ultra-clean lines that starkly define the transition. This technique adds a layer of edgy sophistication, distinguishing the style with its sharp, meticulous detailing. It results in a standout look that captures attention in its neatness and modern flair, lending a bold statement to the classic taper fade.

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